What kind of a pet is right for you?

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This quiz will help you decide what pets are right for you! However, the results are not perfectly accurate so don't rely only on this test! Whatever pet you choose, do your research well before buying or adopting.

  • 1
    Do you have any experience on having any kinds of pets in the past?
    Yes, but only small/quite low maintenance pets
    Yes, but it's been a while/it was my parents' pet when I was a kid
    No, but I do often take care of my friends' pets while they are gone
    Yes! I currently have one or more pets.
    No, I have never owned or had lots of experience with pets
  • 2
    How much time could you dedicate to taking care of, handling or playing with the pet(s)?
    Not much, I'm quite busy and I'd like a pet who doesn't need much attention
    I could spend time with my pet(s) a few times a week, but I'd rather just look at them do their thing
    I could spend a little time (less than an hour) with my pet(s) every day
    I have a lot of spare time and I could spend a good portion of my day with my pet(s)
    I could spend time with my pet(s) every day, but no more than 2-3 hours
  • 3
    Would you be willing to train your pet?
    Yes! I'd love a pet that I could teach fun tricks to! I'm willing to train my pet(s) a lot, even if it takes time and patience
    I am fine with training my pet(s), but I don't want to spend too much time on it
    I don't want to spend time training my pet(s), I'd like a pet that doesn't need training
  • 4
    What pets are you allowed to have in your house/apartment?
    I'm not really allowed to have pets, but I don't think my landlord would mind a tank/terrarium
    Any, as long as it is legal in my country/state!
    Pets in cages/tanks/terrariums, but no cats or dogs or anything "big" like that
  • 5
    How old are you?
    I'm over 14
    I'm an adult
    I'm under 14
  • 6
    What do your parents think about getting a pet/pets?
    My parents are excited and willing to help me with the pet/pets
    I'm an adult, I don't live with my parents and they don't make decisions for me
    My parents don't allow me to have pets but I'm trying to convince them
    My parents don't really like the idea, but will allow me to have pets as long as I take care of them myself.
  • 7
    How much money can you spend on the pet/pets?
    I don't have a lot of money and I'd like my pet(s) to be fairly cheap
    I have been saving a lot/I have a stable job and I have enough money to pay for the pet as well as its food, vet bills and any toys or anything else it needs (cage, food bowls, nail clippers, etc)
    I have some money set aside, but I want my pet(s) to be somewhat affordable.
  • 8
    Do you have a backyard or an equivalent of such?
    I do, but it's not very large
    Yes, my pet(s) would have plenty of space outdoors
  • 9
    Do you travel a lot?
    Sometimes, but most of the time I'd have someone to take care of them
    It doesn't matter, because I want a pet that could survive up to a few weeks with just water.
    Yes, and I might not always have someone to care for my pets
    No, but if I ever would, I could take my pet(s) with me or I'd have someone I trust take care of them
  • 10
    How long have you been thinking about getting a pet/pets?
    A couple of days
    A long time, well over a year
    A few weeks maybe
    At least a few months
  • 11
    Have you done research on any pets you might be interested in?
    I haven't done any research, I only know what I've heard from others
    I have done some research, but I can't decide on a pet, which is why I'm doing this quiz
    Yes, I know quite a bit about the pets I'm considering
  • 12
    Do you want your pet(s) to be very social and want your attention?
    Yes, I want social pets that will be excited to see me and that love to spend time with me
    I like pets that are social, but I don't want them whining for attention all the time
    I'd like my pet(s) to be mostly by themselves, I don't want them to ever ask me for attention
  • 13
    Do you think you could take care of the pet(s) for their entire life (excluding pets that live incredibly long or even longer than we do)?
    I don't think I can take care of a pet for its entire lifetime
    I don't think I can take care of a pet for its entire lifetime, which is why I want a pet that can easily handle getting a new owner
    I will do my best, but I might have to give them away if I can no longer afford/take care of them
    Yes, if I get a pet, I will do my very best to make sure it lives a long and happy life with me.
  • 14
    Do you or someone in your family have allergies?
    Yes, which is why I'm going to get a hypoallergenic pet
    No, no one living in the same house/apartment with the pet(s) has any animal-related allergies
    I'm not sure
  • 15
    Last but definitely not the least, what kind of a pet where you considering? How challenging can it be?
    Something very easy that lives mostly by itself and doesn't come out often or require my time and patience
    Something quite challenging that will require patience and time but is very rewarding
    Something quite simple and easy to care for. I want a pet that's fun to look at but isn't too much work
    Something that loves to spend time with me and has daily needs, but that doesn't require anything too special

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Cassie ( 13291 )
Posted 135 days ago
I've got pets but I just checked to see if they were right for me, anecdote it. Said I'll be alright with any pet. So I guess I'm okay 😌 LUCKY 🍀 ME
Pawon ( 21090 )
Posted 188 days ago
I didn't find anything informative in the quiz result