Does She Like You?

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Do you have a crush on a girl and are wondering if she likes you back? Well, this quiz can help decipher the signs (believe me, I'm a girl and know what girls think when they are dealing with a crush themselves) and show you an accurate reading of how she really feels!

  • 1
    Okay, first question, how popular is she (this actually does matter)?
    The quiet type of person that only has a couple of friends, not too popular.
    She's kinda popular, like, she's really likable but shy at the same time
    She is the loner. She has no friends at all (me: you should go hug her!)
    She is a really popular person, like, really really popular.
  • 2
    Have you ever caught her staring at you (in almost every crush quiz, but it is a biggy)?
    Only once, but it was recently.
    I haven't caught her staring at me, but I do feel as if she does when I'm not looking.
    No, I don't really see her around too much.
    Yes, I've seen her stare at me a few times.
    Yes, I've caught her staring at me during class/social events etc. countless times
  • 3
    What did she do when you caught her staring at you?
    She blushed and looked away as soon as she knew I had seen her.
    But, I haven't caught her (yet)...
    Other (plays with hair, smiles etc.)
    She held eye contact with me for a while longer, and then looked away.
    I haven't seen what she does. As soon as I see her stare at me, I try to avoid all eye contact...but she is still looking when I look at her again.
  • 4
    How many times would you say you talk to her in a month?
    Not at all. We have barely talked to each other before, or we never have.
    Probably every day, the only exception's when either of us are sick from school
    10-20 times in one month
    5-10 times a month
    Only a couple of times. We don't talk unless we're in class or a group setting
  • 5
    What do you guys talk about?
    Whatever is on our minds
    We don't really talk
    About what happened on the weekend, our families and our personal lives
    The current assignment in class, sport events or general things about ourselves
  • 6
    Where does she look at you guys are talking, or for those who don't talk to theirs, where does she look when you are doing a presentation in front of class?
    She looks dreamily into my eyes
    She averts all eye contact
    My hands
  • 7
    How much has she told you about herself?
    A lot of stuff. She seems to feel really comfortable around me.
    What she thinks about that horrid teacher you have for maths!
    She doesn't tell me anything
    She gets a bit shy, but once we start to talk, she opens up like a book and wants to tell me everything about herself, so, I know a reasonable amount about her.
    Little bits and pieces, just some of the small stuff
  • 8
    From what you know about her, does she have anything in common with you?
    We have a lot of similarities, but a few differences to make her even more interesting!
    Now that I think about it, I'm sure we were twins separated at birth we are that alike.
    I don't know that much about her, therefore, not being able to answer the question
    No, but isn't it like that song, opposites attract?
  • 9
    Do you get along with her friends (her friends are her world, you mess with them, you'll have a death sentence)?
    She doesn't have any (me: go on! Kiss her for god's sake!)
    They hate me...they've even filed for a restraining order against me
    I don't know her friends/haven't talked to them much
    We seem to get along well, we have had our differences but they seem pretty good towards me
    I get along really well with them, especially seeing as we have the same friends!
  • 10
    And last but not least, how much do you like this girl, on a scale of 1-10?
    5-7, it's a decent crush, enough to make a fuss over
    3-4, I'm not sure about my feelings for her yet...I'm just so confused right now
    11, I can never stop thinking about her, she's in my dreams, my every thought and I need her for me to function
    8-10, a huge crush, I struggle to think what life would be like if I hadn't have met her
    1-2, just a little crush, it's actually going away now...

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I just met this one girl and I got a unsure about feelings