What type of guy suits your personality?

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This quiz will determine your personality and the personality you look for in a guy.

  • 1
    What colors are you most attracted towards?
    Intense, fiery colors (red, orange, yellow)
    Soft, pastel colors (baby blues, pinks, ivory, white)
    Dark or minimalist colors (Black, Gray, White)
    Calming, neutral colors (Earth tones, peach, beige, browns)
    Bright, popping colors (neon, hot pink, highlighter colors)
  • 2
    What time of day do you love the most and why?
    Noon / When the weather is perfect and I can go outside or do my hobbies that I'm passionate about
    Morning / So I can drink my coffee and chill
    Night / I'm most concentrated and awake at night
    Night / So I can hang out with friends and possibly go to a party or club
    Evening / So I can watch the sunset and calm my mind
  • 3
    What category do you think you fit in the most?
    Scientist, Lawyer, Accountant, Rock star, Song Writer, Romance novelist, Horror enthusiast, Anything with a morbid / Dark concept, Minimalist or Aesthete
    Loves parties, social, extremely close with friends, not afraid to flirt, DJ, Dancer, Singer, actor, Play-writer or loves having fun & good times
    Passionate or emotional, Ambitious, Loves traveling or meeting new people, wouldn't mind living in a foreign country, Big Dreamer, Curious, Fierce, Compassionate or sometimes paranoid
    Doodler, Free Spirit, non-stressful jobs, Aesthete, Tea & Coffee, Relaxation, Waitress, Cafes, Hair stylist, Reader, Interior Designer or anything mellow
    Chic fashion designer, Cute / Kawaii merch, Fairy Kei, Feminine, Loves drawing cute things, Dainty, Simple, Harajuku
  • 4
    What's one pet you'd love to have?
    Cat / They're cute and chill
    Other / No pet
    Dog / They're fun and active
  • 5
    Your fashion style?
    Casual & lazy
    Unique or anything that will get me noticed
    Cute and chic
    Dark or minimalistic
    Preppy but comfortable
  • 6
    Which physical trait would you most want to see in a guy?
    Doesn't matter as long as we're chill and can get along well. It would be nice if he was attractive
    Big frame, strong, sporty, perfect teeth, rough attractive features
    Shy smiles or fluffy hair. Cute features & taller than me. Probably fit but his body type shouldn't matter too much
    Tall or possibly thin. Dark eyes or intelligent/mysterious look
    Hot body, muscular but not big/large, fit, dancer-like body. Hot
  • 7
    Hair style?
    Long dark hair. Possibly covering an eye or just a normal haircut.
    Possibly fluffy, curly, light or dark colored hair.
    Light colored hair with a sporty haircut or any hairstyle that suits him
    Anything sexy, attractive, or trendy.
    Again, doesn't matter too much. From casual to unique; anything is fine.
  • 8
    What type of guy do you need or you think you'll need in your life?
    Fun, attractive, dare-devil, sexy, funny, doesn't care too much about consequences, unafraid
    Extremely nice, helpful and always there for you, loving, adorable, sweet, quiet sometimes
    Adventurous, curious, risk-taker, passionate, talented, caring
    Chill and stable, lazy like me, procrastinates like me but only for school, calm, cares enough to pull me out of bed on late mornings
    Smart, intellectual, talkative only on certain subjects, uses his brains to lead you down the right path OR dark & mysterious, emo-like, not very social unless it's with you, not very popular
  • 9
    Eye color?
    Doesn't matter as long as it's attractive or sexy.
    Bright or shiny colors. Passionate/intense eyes.
    Doesn't matter.
    The color doesn't matter but I'd love for them to look youthful, shy, or sympathetic
    Dark or basis
  • 10
    On a Friday night, what would you two do together?
    Study/work on homework or have a deep conversation
    Book a flight for our next vacation to a foreign country
    Party. If not party then...you know....... 🌚
    Just talk, binge watch our favorite series/movies together. Chill.
    Probably just cuddle and watch Netflix. Bake some desserts together or talk about our dreams.
  • 11
    Taller than me
    Average height
    Doesn't matter
  • 12
    First impression of his appearance?
    He's mysterious but cool (or he looks smart & intellectual)
    He's so attractive and hot
    He's cute and looks shy
    He looks passionate and hardworking
    He looks chill and not worried
  • 13
    No. Just safe sex:^)
    Yes, a huge loving family:)
    I don't know.....
    Don't have time to think about kids
    Probably just one.
  • 14
    What is one thing you'd love to do with your lover often?
    Help each other with schoolwork OR listen to sad songs together
    Go on trips or festivals. Travel all around the globe and learn
    Go to Japan or work on drawing a manga together. Go to the park. Hug each other a lot.
    Dance at the club or socialize with friends. Go to parties and have a lot of fun together
    Drink coffee. More coffee. Watch our favorite shows together and have many conversations
  • 15
    Last but not least, what would you love the most about him?
    His brains and intelligence OR his dark/mysterious manor
    His fun and sexy attitude, his intense love for
    His free spirit / calm nature
    His compassion for me and want for adventure
    His soft voice, his hugs, and his forehead kisses!

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