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10 Questions - Developed by: Gustavo A Cepeda - Developed on: - 180 taken

This is a horse knowledge test

  • 1
    How many scoops of grain can you feed a horse per day?
    1 to 4 scoops depending on the horse diet
    8 to 14 scoops depending on the horse diet
    As many scoops as the horse can eat
    Only 1 1/2 scoops
    Grain is not good for horses
  • 2
    If you are driving your trailer with 4 horses for 12 hours how many times will you stop to check on the buckets of water?
    Every 4 hours
    Once is more than enough
    I don't put buckets with water because horses can get wet
    Twice is more than enough
    Every 2 hours
  • 3
    If you are driving a 4 slants horse trailer with the following horses in what order will you place them? Mare, Gelding, Stallion, Mare?
    1st Mare 2nd Mare 3rd Gelding 4th Stallion
    Mares are normally smaller so they go first
    The order does not matter at all
    1st Mare 2nd Gelding 3rd Stallion 4th Mare
    1st. Gelding 2nd Stallion 3rd Mare 4th Mare
  • 4
    When tying a horse from the halter to the trailer is better to
    Tie the horse really tide to prevent an accident
    Do not tie the horse at all
    Is better to tie the horse nor to tide or to loose
    When horse travel is better to take off the halter
  • 5
    Do you consider horses can be treated as athletes?
    Yes, in fact horses are athletes
    No, horses are only for farm labor use
    No, only people can be athletes
    Horses are athletic animals but are not athletes
    Yes, horses can be treated as athletes because they run fast
  • 6
    Do you consider convenient the use of hay nets while transporting horses?
    Horse don't care about hay while being transported
    Yes, hay nets feeds and distract the horse at the same time
    No because horses can get tangle in the hay net
    No because horses can colic if they eat while being transported
  • 7
    If you are transporting a horse and the horse refuses to load your trailer what is better to do?
    Do not waste time trying to load this horse into your trailer
    Force the horse to load no matter what
    Be patient and try different times until the horse loads the trailer
    Use a whip to push the horse into the trailer
    Use a rope behind the horse to push it into the trailer
  • 8
    Do you consider horses being the same type of animals as cattle?
    No because cattle can be ridden
    Yes but horses are more useful
    No, they are two different types of animals and have different treatments
    Yes, they can't be treat as equal
    No, horses are smarter and more expensive
  • 9
    From what side do you normally ride a horse?
    Right and left
  • 10
    Do you consider important to take weather into consideration while transporting horses?
    Always travel with the trailer windows open so horses can get some fresh air
    Yes, weather important as well as checking on the horses' temperature periodically while traveling
    Yes, never use blankets on the horses while traveling
    Yes, is important to always have a blanket on the horses while traveling
    No, as long as the trailer is all closed it doesn't s matter if it's hot or cold

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