Gayness test

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This test is focused mainly on sexual stuff. Enjoy.

  • 1
    The only question about your feelings:). Who are you most romantic with, who want you to date and make relationship with?
    Doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl
    Mostly girls/you think it would be possible with a boy, but you have never met a good one
    Boys are preferred
    Only boys
    Only girls
  • 2
    It is a sex test, so let's start with it. Kissing- who do you want to kiss?
    Both sexes are fine
    Mostly boys
    Only girls
    Mostly girls/sometimes a boy
    Only boys
  • 3
    Imagine you are alone and you need a sex. You meet a nice boy, and you can have sex with him anonymously. What do you do with him?
    I let him suck my cock and then leave
    I let him suck me, but only give him a handjob
    We suck each other off
    I go all the way with him
  • 4
    You are under the shower and a boy approaches you from behind with erect cock. He is in your taste, he has a nice cock and he touches your ass with it. What do you do?
    You move your ass a little, but still wait
    You stand like nothing happened and wait
    You go all the way with him
    You start touching his dick with a hand and kiss him, maybe blow each other off
    You beat him and leave
  • 5
    Your male friend sleeps with you after a party. You wake up and he is sucking you off. What do you do?
    You let him suck you and then return a favour
    You kick him out of your house
    You pretend to sleep and let him finish, swallow everything and just return to sleeping
    You fuck with him all night
    You start to touch his head, let him know that you are awake and you like it
  • 6
    What option describes your sexual needs?
    A sex with a guy, but sometimes you can accept a nice girl
    A pussy or ass, doesn't matter
    Only sexy guys
    A sex with a girl
    A sex with a girl and sometimes a handjob/blowjob with a guy
  • 7
    What porn do you watch or what do you think about when masturbating?
    Straight and sometimes gay
    Just gay
    Mostly gay
    Straight porn/sex
    Gay or straight, depends of the mood
  • 8
    You are in sauna, a hot guy sits next to you without a towel, he has a big erect cock and he is touching it. he asks if you want to touch it? What do you do?
    You let him fuck you in the ass
    You give him a blowjob
    You look at him, touch it and wait for his move
    You grab his dick and masturbate him
    You leave
  • 9
    You drink with your 2 male friends at your house. You watch porn together. They take out their dicks and start masturbating. What do you do?
    You want to suck your friends
    You watch them doing it
    You want to touch their dicks and masturbate each other
    You take your dick out and join
    You leave
  • 10
    Why are you taking this quiz?
    I am masturbating to this
    For fun, I know I am gay
    For fun, I know I am straight
    I am a little curious of gay sex
    I think I am bi
  • 11
    You can have sex with a nice girl and boy, what do you do?
    Just fuck a boy
    Fuck a girl, maybe kiss with a boy or touch him
    Fuck with a boy but let the girl suck you off, kiss you or suck his dick with you
    Fuck with both of them
    Just fuck a girl
  • 12
    How far did you go with a guys?
    A handjob with a guy
    I have fucked a guy's ass/ I have let a guy fuck my ass deep
    I made a blowjob
    Not far away, I have not done anything with them
    I received a blowjob

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