Does your crush like you? (Elementary girls only)

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Find out if your crush likes you.

  • 1
    Why are you taking this quiz?
    I dunno
    Get to the actual quiz already dummy!
    I'm curious to see if he likes me
  • 2
    Has your crush stared at you before?
    OMG 50% of the time girl!
    I haven't noticed. Maybe once.
  • 3
    Has he ever touched you? (I mean shoulder and hand touching, not the other kind 🙄)
    Once or twice, when we are alone together
    He does it in public!
  • 4
    Are you two friends? If you are, how long have you known each other?
    We were and still are friends for 1-2 years
    We were and still are friends for 2-5 years
    We just met/we've known each other for a couple days
  • 5
    Does he laugh at your jokes?
    Yeah, unless they are cheesy
    Yes, every time!
    I don't make jokes/no
  • 6
    Is he mean to you?
    No! He's super nice, he only playfully teases
    No. He's pretty nice.
    Yes he is a complete bully!
  • 7
    Are you interested in the same things?
    Yes, some things
    Of course not you idiot
    Yep, almost everything we share in common!
  • 8
    Has he blushed at you before?
    Not really, maybe one time but I didn't notice..
    Omg all the time it is ultra-mega cute!
    Um no
  • 9
    Has he ever... you know... taken it further...?
    Yes, one time he kissed me on the lips!
    Ehhh one time he glanced at my upper private area
  • 10
    Do you think he likes you be honest?
    Of course he does! In fact he once said that I look really good in a swimsuit
    I'm 5% sure
    I'm 40-50% sure

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