What's my sexuality (girls only)

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For all the confused teens.. Finding out only our sexuality could be hard at times

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    Who is your dream partner?

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Smiley girl (23366)
11 hours ago
Can any one talk to me.at sri280701@gmail.com
Smiley girl (23366)
11 hours ago
Result says I am bisexual.
055 (62164)
14 days ago
I am attracted to both women and men, and even some transgenders, but I feel mostly romantically attracted to them as if having💗with either is just weird, or the idea is. Yes, I would have💗with any of the sexes if I could but the thought of it ‘turns me on’ and is enjoyable but the actual thought of it happening seems, like I said, just really weird. I have looked on the internet for days and hours (and yes maybe I should ask someone or a doctor, but I hope you can understand something like that is just embarrassing not knowing and having to ask) but there is biromantic, which is the only thing to come close to what I feel but not quite. According to various websites-this means cuddling and holding hands is enjoyable to these people but not kissing or sex, yes I don’t quite find💗enjoyable but kissing I find exhilarating. I really just need help though finding out what I really am.
A person (32209)
16 days ago
Another time it said I was bi idk what u am help please 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
A person (32209)
16 days ago
Pleeeeaaaase help meeeee 😭😭😭
A person (32209)
23 days ago
Also nvm I got early puberty
A person (32209)
23 days ago
Pls help I'm waiting for an answer 😓
Maisie the fangirl (02444)
24 days ago
I am gay which is correct.
A person (32209)
25 days ago
So..... Can not even one person give me some help? Pls? 😅
AH (52781)
34 days ago
Well what if I didn't want to be pan I only like females I just don't want to have sex
another person (49864)
43 days ago
with the 'what are your fantasies about?' i read all of them then i saw pizza and i'm like 'yes! i don't have sexual fantasies (yet.....).i fantasize about pizza'.
A person (32209)
44 days ago
Pls help. My test results said I'm lesbo.
A person (32209)
47 days ago
So, I am 10 and I know that seems young, but I am mentally mature to the point of a 21 year old. I know about " the thing " and I want girls but I've only ever had 2 real crushe's and one was boy and now it's a girl. I don't know what I am, and the thing I want most is 💗 and to make out with a girl. Idk if I have puberty yet ( no signs ) but I still want to touch a girls butt and 💗 and make out with a girl idk though what do I do? I'm everything-curious!!!!!
Kris (37975)
52 days ago
George (49538)
58 days ago
They got it wrong. It said I'm pansexual, but I'm actually asexual. Those are two very opposite things. Asexuals don't want anyone, pansexuals want anyone of any gender. How am i pan????
Maia (88174)
95 days ago
I am definitely attracted to both men and women. Are there any other terms that apply to that other than bisexual? It would feel good to have an appropriate title
Kaitlyn (03589)
99 days ago
Ha ha! Just as I thought! I am as straight as a circle! I am the one that flies through Neverland!
Sup_Gurlz (84007)
155 days ago
You ate probably just curious. You seem pretty les based on what you've said, but if you still wanna have💗with a guy it's just because you wonder, not because you like guys.
Hope that made any sense to anyone other than myself!!!
Confuseddddd (88217)
165 days ago
So I'm 16 and I've known I was pan for like two years but I think I might actually be lesbian? I'm very confused because I would still like to try it with a guy to see how it it but I'm definitely more attracted to girls an prefer them. I've kissed many girls (some making out some not) and I liked that a lot. But the one time I kissed a guy it was just a peck and I didn't like it at all, it just made me feel really weird. I even thought I had feelings for that guy. Please help
IDkmylife (80472)
172 days ago
You are asexual which means you're not interested in having💗or being sexually attracted to someone. C'mon you can't live that way have fun. The end bit pissed me off.