What's my sexuality (girls only)

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For all the confused teens.. Finding out only our sexuality could be hard at times

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    Who is your dream partner?
    Doesn't matter as long as we're in love
    Whatever boy or a pretty girl
    An attractive girl
    Wow no one, I want a dog

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Lexi ( 85394 )
Posted 6 days ago
I know my sexuality. I am a lesbian. This says I am pansexual. The other test I took said Bisexual.
Michaela ( 42914 )
Posted 7 days ago
Okay....so I wanna chat for a minute about being pansexual - it certainly does not mean that we fall in love with everyone, it just means that we are capable of being attracted to any gender - be they male, female, or anything in between. It doesn't mean that we're attracted to EVERYONE we meet or that we're more sexually promiscuous. ALSO, transgenders is not an effing word. Transgender is an adjective used to describe a gender identity, nothing more or less.
Ingrid ( 22987 )
Posted 30 days ago
I'm asexual but i swear people judge me like i'm committing a deadly sin
Angela ( 22526 )
Posted 32 days ago
I'm 13 and it says I'm pan. Wanna date? ;)
jas ( 71486 )
Posted 84 days ago
If you think about it. If you think of the person as being an awesome
Bestie then you will some times think of them as an aliquant parter
It depends on how you think
Mia ( 39791 )
Posted 100 days ago
Want 2 date any girls
Sora ( 16642 )
Posted 136 days ago
This quiz is not right I'm not bisexual, I'm a lesbian
Lina ( 06325 )
Posted 147 days ago
Wow, this is incredibly confusing. I feel like half the time I was forced to answer questions that didnt have the answer I would pick. Ah, well.. >
When's da ( 37357 )
Posted 154 days ago
I came here to figure stuff out but I think I'm straight bc on question 3 when it's what my fantasy is and the part abt the girl eating me out I didn't rly feel anything but Thebes's boy [BEEP] me hard made me so fricken turned on this quiz has big dirty talk but I lovebirds it
keke ( 89772 )
Posted 168 days ago
im a girl who s 15 and i dont knowifima lesbian cause i dont like boys i realy dont know
Shhhhhh ( 45862 )
Posted 180 days ago
I came here to find out who I am a little more not to get more confused
Yoyo ( 35688 )
Posted 181 days ago
[BEEP] do u think bi is? quiz is low-key biphobic
Quinlyn ( 35688 )
Posted 181 days ago
This quiz really misrepresents Bi and Trans people (though it somehow does represent pan decently).