Which FNaF 1 Character are you?

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  • 1
    If you and your friends where playing hide and seek, what would you be doing?
    Be one of the hiders.
    Be one of the seeker.
    Be the creeper.
  • 2
    The power suddenly goes out and all is dark. What do you do next?
    Scare everyone.
    Do nothing.
    Stop everything and find a flashlight.
  • 3
    The power comes back on before you can do anything and all of your friends are relieved. It is time for them to go home. How do you respond?
    Manipulate them to stay.
    Sigh and let them go.
    Do nothing but watch them go creepily before returning to your room.
  • 4
    You invited your friends over for the next night and one says that they don't feel in the mood to come over. What do you say?
    *say something creepy and hang up.*
    Be normal and accept it before hanging up.
    *screech and hang up.*
  • 5
    4 friends have shown up. How do you greet them?
    Pop up in their faces.
    Greet them normally and lead them to your room.
    Pretend to be asleep.
  • 6
    One friend asks for food; soon the others are too. What do you give them?
    Bright red punch.
  • 7
    Everyone is fed and full but now bored. You offer to play a game. Which did you choose?
    Hide and Seek again.
  • 8
    No one agrees with your game suggestions. You are getting a little upset. How do you calm yourself?
    Hide away in your room.
    Eat some pizza.
    Stuff your face with food.
  • 9
    It is midnight now and everyone is a bit sleepy. You aren't ready to go to sleep yet so you suggest that you all play Cops and Robbers. Who will you play?
    Neither. Stay in your room.
  • 10
    Your friends are all asleep and you are alone in your room. Before you go to bed you say your final words. What are they?
    *change your mind and go to sleep.*
    Sweet dreams... *giggle creepily.*
    I hope they can come back tomorrow to play again...

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