Is your older brother mean? (for girls)

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Going to tell you if your brother is a jerk!

  • 1
    Does your bro beat you up?
    No, he would never hurt me
    Occasional slap, but nothing more
    He could hurt me but he usually does not
    Yes, he uses me as a punching bag
    Yes, he beats me up
  • 2
    Does your bro give you the following:
    Wedgies, Swirlys, Wet Willies and Noogies
    Yes all of the above!
    Only 1
    Only 2
    Only 3
  • 3
    Does your bro wrestle you? (he does to me and it sucks)
    Yes, (headlocks, arm locks, choke holds)
    No, he does not do it to me/does not wrestle
    Occasionally, but not often
    Yeah, (headlocks mostly)
    He tries but I'm stronger
  • 4
    How strong is he? Are you stronger?
    He is stronger than me // I'm almost as strong as him
    He is not stronger than me // I'm not strong either
    He is so much stronger than me // I'm so much weaker
    He is not stronger than me // I'm stronger
    We have the same strength
  • 5
    Age differences?
    2-4 years
    9-12+ years
    1 year
    7-8 years
    5-6 years
  • 6
    When he walks in the room, do you feel scared/nervous in his presence?
    Yes he is scary
    Only if he is going to hit me
    Yes, he is scary and beats me up often
    No not at all
  • 7
    Has he ever chased you around the house because you pissed him off? (i.e hitting him, waking him up, bothering him)
    Sometimes if I get him angry
    Yes all the time!
    Usually, but sometimes he shrugs me off
    No, we have a great relationship!
    No, he's weaker and I'm faster
  • 8
    Does he embarrass you?
    No I embarrass him apparently
    No, I embarrass him! >: D
    Yes all the time:(
  • 9
    What sports does he play? // What's his build?
    He plays chess does that count as a sport?
    No sports
    He plays multiple sports // He's a total beast (very strong)
    He plays 1-2 sports // Strong but average
    He plays a couple sports // Pretty buff
  • 10
    What's your relationship with your bro? // Are you scared of him?
    Pretty standard bro-sis relationship // Sometimes
    He beats me up constantly:( // always
    I beat him up // no
    I annoy him, he beats me up // usually if I'm about to get beat up
    We have a fab relationship! // Never!

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