Does he really like you for who you are?

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Are you confused if he really likes you for who you are? Take this quiz to find out how much he is into you

  • 1
    Are you great friends?
    Yes! We know each other so well!
    Yeah, kinda....
    I love him! But we haven't actually spoken
    He ignores me even if I try to be friends with him
  • 2
    Do you catch him looking at you often? And if yes, does he smile if you look back?
    Yeah, all the time! His face is set in a serene smile when I look at him
    He drools at me all day, in a way which makes me a little uncomfortable
    I stare at HIM
  • 3
    Have his friends ever (at least jokingly) told you that he likes you?
    Yes, they tease me all the time with HIM! (Not that I mind)
    Once or twice
    They don't even know me
    Not really
  • 4
    Does your guy talk to you a lot?
    We text each other all the time! The conversations are never ending
    Once in a while
    We just smile at each other, haven't really spoken
    He doesn't know that I exist
  • 5
    Does he occasionally drop hints about liking you? Any casual flirting?
    Yeah, he's told me a fair number of times that he likes me! We flirt casually all the time
    He has told me that he likes a few things about me, but we don't really flirt....
    He flirts with every girl
    We don't talk!
  • 6
    Does he keep you updated about his life?
    If accepting my request on fb counts....
    Yeah! It's like I'm with him every moment
    We update each other once in a week or so...
  • 7
    Has he asked you about other guys? Especially when he finds you talking with them in the hallway
    Yeah...he asks me if I'm seeing that guy, and tries to make it sound like he's just kidding
    He doesn't give a damn, because I don't exist!
    He starts his mission of setting me up with the guy
    He tries to avoid talking about the guy
  • 8
    Does he share secrets with you which he wouldn't dare disclose to others?
    Hell yes! It's like we are two people in the same body
    He shares silly stuff
    He tries to hide everything even if I ask him
    He said hi once, that's it
  • 9
    If he ever compliments you, is it about your looks or personality?
    He loves my personality and also thinks I'm cute
    He says I'm hot
    He admires my character
  • 10
    Does he listen to you when you have a problem?
    He's all ears and advices me on how to sort it out
    I guess he is too busy for that,.....
    He listens to me, but doesn't seem involved

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Kawaiichan (74736)
353 days ago
Ok I'm in this group of all boys and they said that one of the guys in the group likes me I don't really know if I like him Im just scared to fall in love I don't think I know how I feel what do I do