What's your type? (Girls only)

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What's your boy type?

  • 1
    What's your favorite color?
    Dark colors because there more interesting than any other colors
    Lighter neon type colors because they're fun
    Warm colors like the ones you see in autumn
    Cool colors like winter blue
    Earthy colors Browns and greens
  • 2
    How do you handle embarrassment?
    Ugh shoot me now! I'm so done with life!
    Oops....oh well I'm sure I'll forget it in the morning
    What embarrassment.....oh dang I just realized the embarrassment that is currently happening
    Just let me cry in peace
    I'll laugh at myself with everyone else:)
  • 3
    What's attractive to you?
    Jock type. Loves sports and loves to go to parties with me but has a gentle heart.
    Nerd type. Likes to read books and have conversations with me, maybe over coffee or hot cocoa
    Whoever is the hottest
    Mysterious and reserved doesn't talk a lot but only to me.
    Sarcastic and Witty a bit rebellious. Popular but only sets eyes on me and would rather be alone with me

  • 4
    What color eyes are attractive to you?
    Blue or grey
    Dark brown
    Duhhhh I want him to wear those red eye contacts so he can stand out more
  • 5
    Hair preference?
    Dark somewhat long hair
    Red hair
    Luscious blonde locks
    Dark but he dyes part of it blue or any other color
    Whatever looks best on him
  • 6
    Which one is a cute habit?
    Smirking every time he looks at me
    Closing his eyes when he laughs
    Biting his bottom lip when he thinks
    Tilting his head to the side when he looks at me
    Snorting when he's dying of laughter

  • 7
    Which would you rather have?
    Hot chocolate
    A pickle (yum)
    A hug
    A dog
  • 8
    What's the WORST pick up line?
    Hey did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
    You remind me of my big toe... Because I banged you on the coffee table
    I lost my number... Can I have yours?
    You're no angel... Because your hotter then hell!
    Come here often?
  • 9
    What's the BEST pick up line?
    Nice face ;)
    The Stars nor the moon can't compare to u.
    You make me feel dull. Because you're too bright for me.
    Your killing me! Seriously every time I see you I forget to breath...

  • 10
    What would your pat name be? (If you don't know what pet name means it's basically a nickname your bae would give you but only he would use it)
  • 11
    What do you do on Friday nights?
    Idk I don't have a life:/
    Netflix all day everyday
    Think about where I went wrong with my life:/
  • 12
    Which song is better?
    Justin Bieber is my life (I'll pray for you if you pick this)
    Want you back by Cher Lloyd
    Closest thing to heaven by tears for fears
    Strutted by kiss
    Anything by one direction ;)
  • 13
    Do you love yourself?
  • 14
    Do you believe in love?
    Yes there's a perfect someone for everyone!
    No I'll probably marry a rich dude for the money #benefits
    Idk what love is:/
  • 15
    How did this quiz go for you?
    Terrible go die in a hole!
    You're an idiot......
    Eh it's ok I guess
    Good job!
    It was wonderful

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Daddy ( 77397 )
Posted Yesterday
[BEEP]... should have said straight girls whattttaa [BEEP] joke
Whogivesa[BEEP]whoIam ( 59090 )
Posted 5 days ago
I just did this quiz for fun. But i really feel sorry for the desperate girls who take this mess seriously. God be with some of your sorry asses
Whogivesa[BEEP]whoIam ( 59090 )
Posted 5 days ago
I'm too good for all of dis [BEEP].
Veronica Hall ( 17961 )
Posted 11 days ago
This also applies to girls?
PBoss ( 00420 )
Posted 13 days ago
I got exactly what Hoi Life 68143 got.
Annonymusunknown123 ( 47480 )
Posted 13 days ago
I got nerds! And in the question I picked jock! I want to marry a jock so we can go horseback riding together! ;):}:]
Unknown123 ( 52092 )
Posted 13 days ago
Shy and reversed...I guess. A bit more jockey tho ;)
DaddydolansXD ( 87798 )
Posted 14 days ago
I got nerds and i am really into them i dont know y
AnonymousCommenter ( 78578 )
Posted 16 days ago
I got jockey but I am the shy person that has not a lot of friends and hangs out with the only girl in class who is on her period. How did this happen . And it says he is a party person. I never get invited to parties. AnonymousCommenter xx
Kate ( 01104 )
Posted 19 days ago
I kept on getting nerd I changed my 5 times this test sux
Youdontknowme15 ( 78035 )
Posted 21 days ago
I think everyone got nerdy.. its [BEEP]
Potato ( 45941 )
Posted 23 days ago
I hate how everyone is complaining about how "I got nerd But all the jocks at my school are madly in love with me and I dated all of them!" It's so [BEEP] to complain. This is an INTERNET quiz so of course it won't be exactly true!
alexis18 ( 60572 )
Posted 25 days ago
It was fun to find out what type of boys I like now I know what to go for but the only problem with that is , is that it's hard to find them.
Jj ( 63798 )
Posted 26 days ago
I got need but really I'm into rebels.
Random Girl ( 70336 )
Posted 27 days ago
I got nerdy which is kinda right cause my crush is kinda nerdy but also quite sporty
Another girl ( 62049 )
Posted 29 days ago
I think we all got a nerd and a person who loves books honestly.
Star ( 17513 )
Posted 30 days ago
I think this test and th at hither ones are awesome because they link
Helen ( 45224 )
Posted 33 days ago
NERDS ARE NOT MY TYPE!! Every guy I have liked puts his attention towards me and is really sporty, they've liked me back too and I'm dating a guy like that right now and it's been awesome. I think this is a bit off lmao.
Laynie ( 93844 )
Posted 35 days ago
I got nerdy, my crush is sporty and is nothing, whatsoever, like a nerd. This quiz did not work.😑😑😑
Taylor ( 13723 )
Posted 35 days ago
I got what I wanted and it was oddly a nerd but i do LOVE Star Wars and books are the BEST!!!!!!!!