Clone Trooper Academy

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You are a clone of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett. You have been bred to fight in the Grand Army of the Republic in the Clone War against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. This is your last day at the Cadet Academy on Kamino. Before you graduate to Trooper, your Training Sergeant asks you to take a ten question test that will determine which role you fill within the Grand Army. No pressure.

  • 1
    Which of these weapons is your favorite?
    DC-15X Sniper Rifle
    DC-15A Rifle
    DC-15S Carbine
    DC-17 Pistol
    Westar-M5 Rifle
  • 2
    Which role do you tend to fill on the battlefield?
    I usually scout ahead to get a good idea of the situation coming, but I occasionally pick them off one by one from a distance.
    I stay at a distance and pick the enemy off one by one.
    I do as I'm told, after all, the mission always comes first.
    I take charge and lead my brothers to victory.
    I hang back a bit and track the enemy's movements and patterns before I engage.
  • 3
    Which of these environments are you most comfortable in?
    I've been trained to make myself one with any environment to avoid detection.
    Any time, any place. As long as my brothers are with me, we can achieve victory.
    Any environment. I can adapt to any situation, wherever I am.
    As long as there's sufficient cover, I can deal.
    Wherever my orders take me, I'll dive in without any hesitation.
  • 4
    Which of these items would you rather have with you?
    Whatever is needed for the mission, I'm happy to carry it with me.
    All I need is my will and my wits to be successful.
    Medical supplies. You never know when you may need them.
    Communications gear is more useful than anything. Without your brothers, battle is near impossible.
    A survival pack is always useful, especially when you spend days tracking your target.
  • 5
    Which method of transportation do you prefer when on the battlefield?
    You're least detectable when moving on foot.
    BARC Speeder. It's fast, and there's enough room to store your equipment.
    AT-RT walkers are versatile, and they can stalk through any terrain with maximum efficiency.
    I'm happy to ride along with my officers.
    Did somebody say "giant walker?"
  • 6
    Scenario: Your Gunship has crashed on a hostile planet. All but the co-pilot, AT-RT pilot, and three troopers are dead. Two of the troopers are wounded. One of the bubble turrets is still operational. The AT-RT is destroyed. The CIS is closing in rapidly on your position. What do you do?
    I siphon fuel from the Gunship and transfer it to small containers. I array the containers in a grid around the Gunship to use as explosives during the oncoming assault.
    I give everyone orders and have them man the bubble turret. I set up defenses and have the wounded stay behind cover. We'll hold them off as long as we can, together.
    I'll take care of the wounded while the others fend off the droids. When I've finished patching them up, I'll aid my brothers in combat.
    I take up position on top of the downed gunship and prepare to shoot the heads right off the droids.
    I'll fight until the bitter end if that's what my brothers need from me.
  • 7
    Which of these qualities is best to have on and off the battlefield?
  • 8
    You have been tasked with the termination of a high-ranking CIS officer in the busy city streets on Coruscant. How would you go about your mission?
    I would gather my brothers and box him in before confronting him head-on and killing him on the spot.
    I'd try to minimize the civilian casualties and be as discrete as possible.
    I'd trail him until I had him alone, in the ideal placement for a high-stakes kill.
    I would assassinate him from a high-up position with a DC-15X Sniper Rifle.
    I'll take him down, whatever it takes. Doesn't matter how, what matters is that I succeed.
  • 9
    Which qualities do you want in a leader?
    Leaders need to know right from wrong. Need to prioritize the well-being of his men and himself.
    He needs to take care of the wounded. So help me if he would leave them behind to complete the objective...
    A leader needs to respect the time and accuracy it takes to line up a confirmed kill on a high-value target.
    Any leader of mine would know the usefulness and effectiveness of independence. You need to be able to function on your own before you can function as a team.
    He needs to be assertive. Know what has to be done. Has to put the mission first.
  • 10
    Final question. Your Jedi General has been accused of treason by the Supreme Chancellor. You have been given orders to terminate them immediately. What do you do?
    Let's just hope this doesn't get too messy...
    I'm sorry sir. I have to do what must be done. I have my orders.
    I'll make this quick and painless sir. I promise. You've at least earned that.
    Sir. The Chancellor has deemed you a traitor to the Republic. I'll hold off the CIS while you make your escape. Run, now, before anyone suspects something's amiss!
    This isn't right. I know it. We need to confirm their betrayal. Hold your fire men!

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