Do you like HIM (Girls only)

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Do you ever lie in bed and think about your male friend? Do you get a weird feeling when you see him? Take this quiz to see if you like him.

  • 1
    How often do you think about him?
    Most of the time
    Some of the time
    During school, sleeping, eating, ext.
    Only when I am talking to him or looking at him.
  • 2
    How much do you talk to him?
    Mostly when I am not doing anything.
    Whenever I can, even if I have to interrupt a conversation.
    He doesn't know me...
    Only a bit.
  • 3
    Do you blush around him?
    A bit.
    All of the time.
  • 4
    Do you find yourself making gifts and letters for him?
    Maybe 1-3 x 1000.
    Only one or two.
    Only if I have time.
  • 5
    Do you stare at him?
    Only when we are talking...And not talking...
    All the time.
    Only if we really HAVE to.
    On accident, sometimes
  • 6
    Do you ever flirt with him?
    I flirt all the time.
    Most of the time in romantic settings.
    Only jokingly.
    Never or almost never.
  • 7
    How would you react if your best friend had a crush on him?
    Not care
    Pretend to not care then cry your heart out.
    On the outside hope for the best, on the inside screaming and crying eternally.
  • 8
    If HE asked you to the dance, how would you react?
    Stand there and ask him to repeat himself, then shyly say sure.
    Not respond, grab him and start dancing.
    Walk away.
    Say yes, blush a bit and start dancing.
  • 9
    You two are alone in his bedroom, what do you do?
    Just start talking.
    Start kissing him on the lips for a long time.
    While you two have privacy, kiss him on the lips quickly.
    Give him a kiss on the cheek.
  • 10
    You find out he like another girl, how would you react?
    Confess before he can confess to the other girl.
    Meh. As long as he's happy I guess.
    Just feel jealousy and move on.
    Feel jealous and cry for hours.
  • 11
    How would you react if he liked YOU?
    Fangirl and tell him you feel the same.
    Stay quiet until he confesses, then say you feel the same way.
    Avoid him at all costs.
    Start wondering when he will ask you out.
  • 12
    You find out lots of girls like him. What do you do?
    Wait and see what happens.
    Go on with your day and walk away.
    Confess before they can!
    Yandere mode: ON
  • 13
    He comes over and you two are watching TV together. What do you do?
    Put on a scary show so you can snuggle up with him without questions.
    Talk about the show and put on your favourite show.
    Just stay quiet and watch with some small talk.
    Put on a romantic anime and when a sex scene comes on, cover his eyes and kiss him.
  • 14
    You and all of your friends are at a Christmas party when you see him. What would you do?
    Do nothing and continue hanging out with your friends.
    Try to pull him outside so you two could be close to each over and have a bit of privacy.
    Pull him under the mistletoe and kiss him.
    Ask him about how his day has been and keep talking
  • 15
    You wake up and realize it is Valentine's Day. What do you do?
    Kiss him quickly on the cheek or forehead.
    Kiss him on the lips multiple times throughout the day.
    Give him a card like everyone else.
    Kiss him once on the lips and call it a day.

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Potaetoes (92542)
160 days ago
erm.. im not an love expert or anything but i think that if you are scared to ask if he likes you or sth then dont, maybe if you reallyREALLY want to know then you can make small talk about other girls that both of you know and see his reaction? like do you only meet him in martial arts classes or do you meet him in school?? im not sure about the red cheeks part but i suggest that you can just see what happens from here on! Its okay for you to make the first move and confess or whatever but if you are not comfortable then you can wait it out!! ALL the best :)
Porscha (00581)
164 days ago
there is a boy in my class named jack he is so into me how do i act i found out today at footy he says im so hot and should date him what do i do?
❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❔❔❔❔❔❔❔❔❔❔❔❔❔ im kinda feeling the same way im not sure! he is sooooooooo hot andhe says im spicyvwhat does that mean? can anyone help me?
ME (00581)
164 days ago
eurus holmes (04309)
165 days ago
I may not want to kiss him or constantly touch him, I will always support his relationships with other people no matter how jealous I get because I'm too unstable and have too many personal issues to uphold a healthy relationship because I tend to accidentally hurt the people I love. I constantly think and worry about him and I will discourage his flirting when he goes through random phases of liking me and rubbing up on me no matter how much I like it and I will always ship him with other people I think are so much better for him. I ain't about to waste his time. I won't make him feel bad for liking me by liking back and ever making him regret that he hurt me after he changed his mind cos ik at this rate im not likeable long term at a
Sash (24045)
165 days ago
I kinda thought I had a chance.....But I guess not 😔😢
Ella (06976)
166 days ago
Frens i have a complex case. There is a boy I like, butttt we both do martial arts. Meaning, we lay on top of each other all class trying to break each other's arms. lol We talk a lot while practicing, but I'm scared to ask him if he likes me!!!!! Idk what to do. I mean, he's super nice, and we laugh a lot, and his cheeks are always red with me (possibly from how tired he is cuz jiu jtisu is tiring) so i really just don't know. Help?!?!?
Dani 6B (46534)
167 days ago
I have been dating my crush since the November harvest dance lol I was just bored. The day I'm typing this, June 6, he bought my dance ticket for me. The dance is in June 9 and the theme is A Night at the Oscars and for a dare we have to kiss. I'm literally in grade 6 but whatever lol
Georgia (36894)
168 days ago
So there is this boy in my class and I have liked him for so long now but I know he doesn't like me, he likes my best friend. He is always complimenting her when she is around me. I gave him a card on Valentines Day and he accepted it, said thanks then walked off. I don't know if he might change his mind about me or choose my bff. What should I do?
Noelle (93584)
168 days ago
Hey, I'm just a shy nerd. I read books all the time, barely talk, (I'm a big rambler when I'm with my best friends) and I'm an introvert, for sure.
There's this guy, Dylan. He's just like me, he's always hanging around me, and talks to me whenever he can. And then there's Spencer. He's a nerd, too. I've known him FOREVER. And, we're both geeks. He told me that he liked me, but won't let me tell anyone else. . .
none (68775)
168 days ago
Maddie (01719)
170 days ago
Hey I have dated my own crush I was just bored so I decided to do this test
GG (37670)
202 days ago
Yesterday this said he might like me. Today it says we should stay friendship
geleniee (68775)
207 days ago
My frnd brother told me that he talks alot about u bt he does not talk to me ...My frnd brunee loves him and I can't cheat her bt he niether talk with me one time he proposed a girl only fr fn n I love think he is doing again this mistake with me .....
Emily (58121)
210 days ago
I like this boy so I wrote a long poems and put it in his desk and he didn't do anything after a month I gave him a short one and put it on his desk he read it and then gave it to me asking if I wrote it a I said no I was scared he showed 15 people in the class he teases me and I tell him I so my stariotype is that I'm a huge Christian so when ever I do something or aide my voice he uses that and the note against me but he also tells me if he sees brother or what he saw that my brother did or asks about my family and there's this kid who's rude to my crush and my crush changes the subject and talks to me he always runs to me and some kids don't believe that my crush got love poems and make fun off the idea I hate watching it but I don't know what to do I'm in 6th grade elementary please help me I'm so confused why does he tease my but then look at me sometimes or ask me about my family or run to me for help but then tease me and act rude?
Kayla (37785)
210 days ago
You're in a tight spot. You can either tell your crush you like him, and lose your friend, or leave your feelings alone, and lose your crush. But it doesn't have to be like that. Talk to your crush. If he likes you, than it will make his day! Just be honest about how you feel. I'm not a very open person, so I know how hard this is. Talk over text, or if you have emails specifically for your school, use those; it saves you the awkwardness of asking for his number in person. Have a designated time where you can just talk! Now sometimes, (this happened to me) but your feelings for him might go away after you talk about it, so you may have to deal with the stress of that. As for your bestie; don't worry about it! She (or he) will understand. They will be upset, so give them time. Communication is key, no matter how hard it is.
Galaxy1923 (66116)
211 days ago
I have a crush he asked me out one time but I said no because I was scared and 🤧He.......I asked him out a year later when he was single and and he.....said no I was so upset 😭 I sat with my friend crying 😭 the whole day.......
Summertime333 (85577)
213 days ago
I just move schools 3 months ago to the other side of Australia and I've had a crush on this boy for a while and he told me he likes me. But my best friend like him soo much. I don't know if I should tell him that I like him too and upset my bestie or not tell him and move on. What should I do???
FireStar (58416)
213 days ago
He's 3years younger than me and idk y I can't stop thinking bout him even though he gets me hella mad.
lauren (54151)
221 days ago
I'm sad it said it would be better off if we were with other people.It also sucks cause i like another boy one of there names is Lucas and the other Mitchell
H U M A N (04994)
222 days ago
I dont even know how i feel