When Will You Get Your First Period?

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Having your first period is a very important time in all woman lives as it signifies the start of womanhood. This quiz will tell you when you will get your first period!
*Note: This quiz is not to be taken too seriously as it may not be accurate.

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Alexa ( 36004 )
Posted 3 days ago
Dear Random, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I usually don't show my bad side at school, only at home. My poor family!😂😂😂
Josline ( 65713 )
Posted 7 days ago
SOOO unaccurate, I'm not even gonna explain
Random ( 76387 )
Posted 8 days ago
Alexa, you should expect to get your period in 2 - 4 weeks. For the cramps you can take Advil cramps. Try to stay in control of your mood so it's less noticble that you are on or about to start your period. Good luck
Alexa ( 36004 )
Posted 15 days ago
Pls predict me
- I have AA cup bra
- I have SO much discharge
- I have drastic mood swings.which causes me to cry for no reason
- I have some pubic hair
- my hair is always greasy, even when I just took a shower
- my leg hair are super noticeable, have to shave every week
- armpit hair are still blond
- I'm 11 and turning 12 this January
- I have a lot of zits
- I weigh about 90 pounds
- I'm 4 feet 8 inches
- I have a lot of food cravings
I'd feel really better if someone could predict me. Thank you!
Random ( 70701 )
Posted 37 days ago
Girl Pear
You should expect your period in less than two weeks
Girl Pearl ( 29817 )
Posted 41 days ago
Plz predict me:
1. I have A cup b*obs
2. I get cramps with moderate pain 2-6 times a week
3. I get moody really easyily and often end up shouting at people for no good reasons
4. I have been bloating often
5. I am getting a little spotting for 2 days
6. My hair down there is alfway developed and is curly and black{ my hair colour is light brown} with little blonde hairs
7. My hair is looking greasy like after a day that i have washed it
8. I weigh around 96 pounds
9. i am nearly 12, my sis was 11, my mum was 14
10. I used to have this super big crush on this guy that goes to my school
11. I have soo much discharge that I once had to wear 3 pantie liners in one day
12. my height is nearl 5'5 and I am still growing rly fast
13. I have been in puberty for at least 1.5 years
14. I need to shave my armpit hair because it is getting rly long and super noticeable
15. I have short blonde leg and arm hairs
16. my bo*bs are a pointy triangular shape with the nip*le just over the bo*b
17. I have rly bad acne

if someone could predict I would be rly thankful cause I don't think I have got that long.
Kayla ( 75083 )
Posted 155 days ago
It said a couple of years and another one said 6 months I'm confused
anonymous ( 78026 )
Posted 172 days ago
hi so im 13 and ive been rlly anxious about starting my period, i had one on my birthday month (october) and its now febuary... all my friends but one have it regulary now and idk what to do, ive taken all the test i can find, im showing all the signs, im so worried.
Jilly🐵 ( 68261 )
Posted 212 days ago
Keiara just kick him in the balls and say " no we yiu know how it feels to be on your period"
keiara ( 62333 )
Posted 216 days ago
i start period i do not like because this boy in my class would make a funny of me then i get mad what can i do about it i am 12 year old i am on it
Anonymous ( 15155 )
Posted 218 days ago
I've already started my period and it said 1-2 years! Haha 😂
EVIE ( 63455 )
Posted 221 days ago
I'm confused because one test says in about 4 years another says a couple of months another says a year HELP ME!
Jessica A. ( 76920 )
Posted 221 days ago
my body started changing and i got soooo nervous and started taking period tests each one says a month or few weeks... all but this one
Anon ( 69010 )
Posted 223 days ago
It says I will get mine in 1-2 years but I have had discharge for almost 2 years now and my mum got hers when she was 13. (I am 13 and almost 14) is this accurate?
Sarah ( 39182 )
Posted 224 days ago
This quiz is fake because I got my period right after the quiz.
Lucy ( 92547 )
Posted 226 days ago
It says I will have my period in 1-2 years but I've been having discharge for over 6 months and I started puberty almost 3 years ago! I've also had a lot of headaches and cramps lately.
Ila ( 30376 )
Posted 227 days ago
I took this quiz a few days before I had my period and it said 1-2 years so it's fake just wait for it to come it honestly isn't what you think the cramps suck and it's just a pain so wait until your body is ready ♥️
Katie ( 34669 )
Posted 227 days ago
I'm really worried that something is wrong with me, I don't have my period and I'm 14 in 18 days , any advice ???☹️I have all the symptoms too !
Noelle ( 13350 )
Posted 227 days ago
For the when did your mom get her period? It's hard to answer because I am adopted and I have never met my birth mother, but my mom had hers at 15 but she was not able to have a child because of a cancer.
Serenity ( 47741 )
Posted 233 days ago
My mom doesn't have the private hair until she was near 18