When Will You Get Your First Period?

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Having your first period is a very important time in all woman lives as it signifies the start of womanhood. This quiz will tell you when you will get your first period!
*Note: This quiz is not to be taken too seriously as it may not be accurate.

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Kayla ( 75083 )
Posted 104 days ago
It said a couple of years and another one said 6 months I'm confused
anonymous ( 78026 )
Posted 120 days ago
hi so im 13 and ive been rlly anxious about starting my period, i had one on my birthday month (october) and its now febuary... all my friends but one have it regulary now and idk what to do, ive taken all the test i can find, im showing all the signs, im so worried.
Jilly🐵 ( 68261 )
Posted 160 days ago
Keiara just kick him in the balls and say " no we yiu know how it feels to be on your period"
keiara ( 62333 )
Posted 164 days ago
i start period i do not like because this boy in my class would make a funny of me then i get mad what can i do about it i am 12 year old i am on it
Anonymous ( 15155 )
Posted 166 days ago
I've already started my period and it said 1-2 years! Haha 😂
EVIE ( 63455 )
Posted 169 days ago
I'm confused because one test says in about 4 years another says a couple of months another says a year HELP ME!
Jessica A. ( 76920 )
Posted 169 days ago
my body started changing and i got soooo nervous and started taking period tests each one says a month or few weeks... all but this one
Anon ( 69010 )
Posted 171 days ago
It says I will get mine in 1-2 years but I have had discharge for almost 2 years now and my mum got hers when she was 13. (I am 13 and almost 14) is this accurate?
Sarah ( 39182 )
Posted 172 days ago
This quiz is fake because I got my period right after the quiz.
Lucy ( 92547 )
Posted 174 days ago
It says I will have my period in 1-2 years but I've been having discharge for over 6 months and I started puberty almost 3 years ago! I've also had a lot of headaches and cramps lately.
Ila ( 30376 )
Posted 175 days ago
I took this quiz a few days before I had my period and it said 1-2 years so it's fake just wait for it to come it honestly isn't what you think the cramps suck and it's just a pain so wait until your body is ready ♥️
Katie ( 34669 )
Posted 176 days ago
I'm really worried that something is wrong with me, I don't have my period and I'm 14 in 18 days , any advice ???☹️I have all the symptoms too !
Noelle ( 13350 )
Posted 176 days ago
For the when did your mom get her period? It's hard to answer because I am adopted and I have never met my birth mother, but my mom had hers at 15 but she was not able to have a child because of a cancer.
Serenity ( 47741 )
Posted 181 days ago
My mom doesn't have the private hair until she was near 18
lily ( 81161 )
Posted 182 days ago
it was egg sighting but I would not kill your self offer it
,call me peas 5422747
Love ( 42280 )
Posted 188 days ago
Hahaha I already have my period and im 14 it says a year or 2 😂😂
Emma ( 42156 )
Posted 189 days ago
It said I would get mine in a couple months and another test said I would
Get mine in a few weeks and another said I would get mine in 7 months
I'm getting confused but this test is very inaccurate I have been showing all the signs accept bloating and cramping
Rosy ( 72037 )
Posted 193 days ago
One test said 1/2 - 1 year, another said 6-12 months (the same)
And another said 2 years
Scared ( 77778 )
Posted 195 days ago
It said I have only several weeks left until I get it!!!!!
Sasha ( 80508 )
Posted 199 days ago
It said 0-3 weeks now a year then a month or two [BEEP] 😂😂