How Well Do You Know The Lyrics To Taylor Swift's 'RED'?

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Do you know all the lyrics to Taylor Swift's fourth studio album 'RED'?

  • 1
    "So you were never a saint, and I loved in..."
    "... Shades of wrong."
    "... Shades of want."
    "... Shades of longing."
  • 2
    "Missing him was _______, all alone!"
    "Dark blue."
    "Dark grey."
  • 3
    "Your name has echoed through my mind and I..."
    "... Will follow you, follow you home."
    "... Will get you, get you alone."
    "... Just think you should, think you should know."
  • 4
    "A ________ is all I'll ever be."
    "Pain in your neck."
    "New notch in your belt."
    "New hole in your belt."
  • 5
    "You call me up again just to..."
    "... Screw me like a promise."
    "... Break me like a promise."
    "... Fake me like a promise."
  • 6
    "You look like bad news..."
    "... I gotta have you."
    "... I want your tattoos."
    "... I really want you."
  • 7
    "I bet you're sitting in your chair by the window..."
    "... Looking out at the town."
    "... Looking out at the city."
    "... I hope you're thinking of me."
  • 8
    "With some _____ that's much cooler than mine."
    "Indie record."
    "Country record."
    "Pop record."
  • 9
    "You took the time to memorize me, my fears, my _____ and dreams..."
  • 10
    "Disappear, and when you come back..."
    "You're already better."
    "I'm already better."
    "Everything is better."
  • 11
    "I was _______ just the other day..."
    "Thinking 'bout it."
    "Talking to you."
  • 12
    "We had a beautiful, magic love _____..."
  • 13
    "'Cause now my name is up in lights..."
    "... It looks like you got it right."
    "... I'm sure you got it right."
    "... But I think you got it right."
  • 14
    "All I know is we said hello, so dust off your _______."
    "Biggest hopes."
    "Highest hopes."
    "Hopeful hopes."
  • 15
    "The whole place was dressed..."
    "... To the sky."
    "... To the nines."
    "... Like a dream."
  • 16
    "And I will talk about that, 'cause for the first time..."
    "... What we had is past."
    "... What's past is past."
    "... What's past is gone."
  • 17
    "He said, 'I'm sorry I didn't make it.' And I said,...
    "... I am, too."
    "... I missed you."
    "... I'm sorry, too."
  • 18
    "In New York, be here. But you're in London..."
    "... And I need you."
    "... And I break down."
    "... And I hate you."
  • 19
    "Wanna see you pick up your know and tell her..."
    "... You're on your way home."
    "... You're coming home."
    "... You're not coming home."

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