Harry Potter quiz

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Not an easy quiz!

  • 1
    What does the Wolfsbane potion do?
    Make werewolves act more human when they transform
    Prevents the drinker from transforming into a werewolf
    Turns the drinker into a wolf for a short time
    Knocks a Werewolf out during a full moon
  • 2
    In the book, how did Harry know where to find Ravenclaw's diadem?
    He assumed it was in the Room of Requirement
    A Ravenclaw student told him
    The Grey Lady told him
    He saw it when he hid his potion's book during book 6
    The Bloody Baron told him
  • 3
    What happened to Grindewald after his defeat in 1945?
    Dumbledore killed him
    He was executed by the ministry
    A dementor kissed him
    He was sent to Azkaban
    He was sent to his prison (Nurmengard).
  • 4
    Why was Ariana Dumbledore insane?
    She saw a friend die
    She drank a bad potion
    Muggles traumatized her
    She was born with an illness
    She suffered a brain injury
  • 5
    What made the noises at the shrieking shack that made people believe it was haunted?
    A person pulling a prank
    A beast lived there
    A ghost
    Professor Lupin in wolf form
    A spell made the noise
  • 6
    Why didn't Bill Weasley turn into a werewolf when attacked by Fenrir Greyback?
    He did turn into a werewolf
    He wasn't attacked badly enough
    He got immediate medical attention
    Fenrir wasn't in wolf form
  • 7
    Who buys Harry his firebolt?
    Professor Mcgonnagal
    He buys it himself
    A Ministry of Magic worker
    Sirius Black
  • 8
    What happens to Harry's Nimbus 2000?
    The Whomping Willow destroys it
    The wind blows it in the forbidden forest after Harry falls off his broom
    Someone steals it
    He gets rid of it after receiving his firebolt
  • 9
    What giant creature lives under the lake?
    A squid
    An underwater dragon
    A king merman
    An octopus
    A shark
  • 10
    How does Sirius Black enter the Gryffindor Common Room?
    He climbs through the tower
    He finds a list of the passwords
    He uses an invisibility cloak and enters the room while someone else is entering
  • 11
    In the Half Blood Prince, how does Gryfinddor lose its 2nd quidditch match?
    Gryfinddor cheats, causing them to get disqualified
    Cormac McLaggen hits a bludger at Harry
    The other team has more points when the snitch is caught
    The enemy seeker catches the snitch before Harry
  • 12
    What is the result of the Quidditch World Cup match?
    Bulgaria wins, the Irish seeker catches the snitch
    Bulgaria wins, Krum catches the snitch
    Ireland wins, Krum catches the snitch
    Ireland wins, the Irish seeker catches the snitch

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