Does the boy of your dreams like you back? (For Girls only)

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Ever wonder if the boy who takes you off your feet may feel the same way about you? Take this quiz to find out!:)

  • 1
    How long have you known him?
    Like a few months, I feel we are friends
    Like forever, maybe 5-10 years!
    About a week and I'm already in love
    Only a day, I want him to like me NOW!
    Only a year
  • 2
    If you guys are having a conversation, where are his eyes?
    At me at a few points, but only when I tell him too:(
    Mostly at me
    At the other girl in his class blushing at her
    Straight at me! He's cheeks are as red as a tomato
  • 3
    Who starts the conversation?
    Him! Like even when I don't expect it!
    Me, and he always looks annoyed when I do
  • 4
    If you catch him looking at you, what does he do?
    Keeps staring but then I realized he was staring at an other girl
    Looks annoyed when he just looked at me
    Looks away as soon as I catch him
    We look at each other for a bit and smile:)
  • 5
    Has he ever Hugged, kissed, or held your hand?
    Only hugged me
    One time he kissed me on "accident"
    Only held my hand
  • 6
    Do you like him?
    I sometimes like him then stop
    No gross, I just want someone to like me for once:(
    Yes! EXTREMELY! Why do you think i'm taking this?
    A bit I guess
  • 7
    What are his facial expressions around you?
    Straight face like he does not care
    Always happy and blushing
    Annoyed like he hates me
    Seems happy, but that's probably cause he's just my friend
  • 8
    Does he ever tease you?
    Yes all the time! But if I got offended he would feel bad and help me
    No, he just does not talk to me at all
    Yes... and if I get hurt he thinks its funny:(
    Yes and I tease him back
  • 9
    Close to the end.... What would you say his personality is like?
    Gets mad at reasonable times but is happy
    Full of happiness
    He never talks to anyone...
    Always gets mad at me
  • 10
    Final question........ Do you think this will help? (Not effecting results)
    Just give me the damn answer
    I just want my answer
    Yes... hopefully he will like me!
    No. I just want people to like me no matter what

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