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    How much do you love food?
    I only eat because I have to.
    Wait... isn't this quiz supposed to tell me?
  • 2
    Out of the following, if this food was on a menu, which one would you go for first?
    SALAD! Gotta keep fit.
    Some sort of pasta
    The classic burger with a side of fries.
    If I'm eating out with friends, I will get whatever they get, but if not, bring the pizza! Specifically delivery.
    Mexican food.
  • 3
    It's dessert time! What will you get?
    Ice cream and a cookie!
    Chocolate is love. Chocolate is life.
    Cake! Let me stuff that double layer in my mouth!
    Something gourmet. I love different and unique flavors.
    Whatever is the healthiest.
  • 4
    Movie night! Pick a popcorn flavor!
    I don't like any popcorn.
    Butter, White Cheddar, or Cheddar
    Regular or Kettle Corn
    Caramel or Vanilla! Bring in the sweets!
    Just a bit of salt will do.
  • 5
    Thanksgiving is wonderful. Friends, family, family friends, your family's friend's families. Everyone is gathered here... TURKEY! So much food! What do you do? What are you going to eat?
    I'll eat as much as I can. There's always leftovers if I'm still hungry.
    I'm going vegan, so just some mashed potatoes and maybe a bit of cranberry sauce.
    I'll eat a bit of turkey and maybe some mashed potatoes
    Skip the normal dinner stuff. I didn't eat all of my Halloween candy, so I'll eat that instead.
    Stuff myself till I feel like I'm going to burst!
  • 6
    It's Halloween! What do you do?
    Don't care much. Just buy some.
    Eat every single piece of candy I have from trick or treating!
    Society says I'm "too old" to trick-or-treat. I'll just go buy some candy at the store and eat that.
    I don't celebrate holidays.
    I will eat some candy, hide it so nobody will eat it, go to sleep, wake up and eat some more.
  • 7
    You ate too much and your stomach hurts now.
    Rest and eat more
    I give up on food for now. I'll take some pain medicine and sleep.
    It won't hurt, because I don't eat foods with a lot of fat in them. I'm on a diet.
    It won't hurt because I won't eat that much.
  • 8
    Something smells delicious!
    Don't follow the smell because I will be late for that business meeting at two this afternoon!
    Follow the smell. Once I at least know where it's coming from, I will be satisfied.
    Follow the smell. Once I find the source, I wanna try out whatever it is. Hopefully it's edible.
    I'm too lazy because I already ate... a lot.
    It's not always going to be food. Trust me. Not taking the risk.
  • 9
    If you are not already a girl, pretend that you're going on a date with your boyfriend. You go to a fancy restaurant. What do you wish to order?
    If he dumps me, he dumps me. It's his fault because I'm always beautiful.
    Something that won't make him think I eat too much
    Something that won't make him think I eat too much or too little
    I won't get a boyfriend. I'm lonely.
    Something that won't make him think I eat too little
  • 10
    Is food your everything?
    Definitely yes

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