Can you get the description of birds right?

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Do you know what these birds look like? This quiz will tell you if you do or don't!

  • 1
    Golden Crowned Kinglet
    A yellow bird with a black ring on its head
    A completely black bird with yellow splotches
    Olive-gray with black and yellow on its head
  • 2
    King Eider
    A duck with a white rectangular shaped head
    A type of falcon that is brown, black, white, and yellow
    A purple songbird with white streaks
  • 3
    Great-tailed Grackle
    A green bird with a yellow tail and orange eyes, females are gray
    A solid black bird with yellow eyes, females are brown.
    A solid red bird with white markings on its head
  • 4
    Marvellous Spatuletail
    A green and grey hummingbird with a large fan-shaped tail, similar to that of a turkey's
    A type of penguin with naturally split tails
    A hummingbird with two paddle-shaped tails that can move independently
  • 5
    Rose Crowned Fruit Dove
    A deep blue dove with white streaks and a red-tipped tail
    A green dove with a multicolored belly and wings with a pink bump on its head
    A gray dove with red wings
  • 6
    Great Kiskadee
    A bird with a yellow belly that makes calls that sound like "Kis-Ka-DEE! Kis-Ka-DEE!"
    A teensy tiny gray songbird that makes calls that sound like "Kee kee kee! Kee kee! Kee kee kee!"
    A large bird in the crane family that has a call that sounds like "Kwerr! Kwerra! Kwerra!"
  • 7
    Tufted Titmouse
    A super tiny gray bird whose tail is a third of its entire body length
    A type of eagle that feeds on only mice
    A light blue bird that can transform into a mouse with a mohawk
  • 8
    African Pygmy Kingfisher
    A small bird that is purple, yellow, and has an orange bill
    A small bird in the same family as a turkey that is orange and brown
    A blue bird with a white head
  • 9
    Mallard Duck
    A green duck with a white head
    A brown duck with a green or red head and a white band around its neck
    A white duck with a green band around its neck and a green tail
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