Does He Like You Back?

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Lots of people ALWAYS ask themselves if he likes them back. Now you can find out!

  • 1
    How often do you talk?
    Most of the time, it's usually casual
    Rarely, only when necessary:(
    Never! UGH
    We talk all the time! Basically 24/7
    Only sometimes, it's not common though
  • 2
    Do you find him looking at you a lot?
    Only once, but that's something!
    Not really, I've never caught him
    Looking at me? Please...
    Yes! Catch him all the time;)
    Occasionally, not a ton though
  • 3
    What's usually the topic of your conversations?
    Talking about his plans
    We don't have conversations:/
    Simple yes/no questions
    Him bragging and showing off to me
  • 4
    Does he follow all of your social media? Is he frequent on it?
    He doesn't have social media
    Yes, but he never comments
    No he doesn't:(
    Yes! He likes all my pics
    I don't have social media
  • 5
    Does he get nervous around you? What does he do when you talk?
    Absolutely nothing:(
    Look down and smile
    Twiddle his thumbs
    Rub the back of his head
  • 6
    Does his friends like you?
    Yeah, we tease eachcother. I'm basically one of the guys
    I guess, we don't really talk that much
    Not really, they are annoying
    What friends?
    Ugh no they nasty
  • 7
    Does he go out of his way to talk to you?
    Yes, he always talks about the most random things
    Nope, we have quick conversations
    Not really, we just talk casually
    We don't talk
    Sometimes, he pulls me aside occasionally
  • 8
    Do you, personally think he likes you?
    Yes, I think he loves me!
    I'm sure he has some feelings
    Yeah, I think he kinda likes me
    I don't think so
    I highly doubt it
  • 9
    How many times a day do you think you smile at each other?
  • 10
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