MLB Rules

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10 Questions - Developed by: Bob Sauer - Developed on: - 735 taken

See how smart you really are in Major League Baseball rules.

  • 1
    Two runners wind up on the same base. The fielder tags both of them. What's the ruling?
    Both runners are out. Double play.
    Trailing runner only is out.
    Offensive manager chooses which runner is out.
    First runner tagged only is out.
    Lead runner only is out.
  • 2
    Runner on 1st. No outs. Line drive hits 2B's glove, bounces off runner, back into 2B's glove never touching the ground.
    Dead ball. Double play.
    Dead ball batter out.
    Live ball. Play resumes.
    Dead ball. Runner out.
  • 3
    Runner on first takes off to steal 2nd with no outs. Batter swings and misses, accidentally falls into the catcher's line of throw, catcher throws to 2B bumping batter, and runner called safe at 2B
    Batter out on Interference. Runner returns to 1B. Dead Ball
    No call. Batter had no intent to interfere with throw.
    Runner out on interference. Batter continues at bat. Dead Ball.
    Defensive Manager gets choice on which player is called out.
  • 4
    Runner on 1st with 2 outs. Pop up to 2nd Baseman who camps right in line with the runner. Fielder and runner collide and ball is dropped.
    Batter out on runner's Interference.
    Runner safe on defensive Obstruction.
    Runner out on Interference. Batter leads off next inning.
    Runner out on Interference. Batter's at bat is complete.
    Nothing. Live ball. Play on.
  • 5
    Runner accidentally completely passes another runner between 1B and 2B while a 3rd runner is trying to score.
    Dead ball. Trailing runner called out. Other runners return to last acquired bases.
    Trailing runner is called out for passing. Ball remains live.
    Dead ball. Trailing runner called out for passing. Passed runner placed at 2B. Other runner returns to 3B.
    Runner who was passed is called out. Ball remains live.
  • 6
    Batter swings at pitch, bat breaks, and ball hit back to pitcher who ducks the broken bat and can't make the play.
    Dead ball. No pitch declared. Replay.
    Dead ball. Batter called out for Interference.
    Dead ball. Batter awarded 1B.
    Live ball. Play on.
  • 7
    Two strikes on batter who's fooled by inside pitch. Batter swings, pitch hits his hands, and rolls fair to Pitcher who throws to 1B.
    Hit by pitch — batter awarded 1B.
    Foul ball.
    Dead ball strike three. Batter's out.
    Live ball. Routine ground out.
  • 8
    Pitcher on the rubber. Runner steps off 1B and is tagged by the 1st Baseman hiding the ball in his glove.
    Runner's out.
    BALK. Runner advances to 2B.
    Runner is safe, stays at 1st, 1st Baseman ejected.
    Runner is safe, stays at 1st, Pitcher ejected.
  • 9
    Long fly ball deflects off CF's glove, hits ground, bounces over home run wall.
    Home run. All runners score.
    Triple — by rule.
    Umpire's judgment on placing the batter and other runners.
    Ground rule double. Any other runners move up two bases.
  • 10
    Batter bunts. Runs to the fair side of the runner's lane. Catcher fields the bunt, but never throws to 1B for fear of hitting the batter in the back.
    Umpire's judgment to call INT based on timing of "would be" throw.
    Dead Ball. Batter returns to bat. "No pitch" declared.
    Batter out for Running Lane Interference.
    Batter safe at 1B. No penalty.

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