Am I kind?

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This test will determine if you are what is considered kind, or not. These questions have some things about buying stuff, please don't take into consideration your money, just the items.

  • 1
    You and your little brother get into a fight because he used something in your room. You:
    I tell my parents about his behaviour/tell him not to do it again.
    That is unacceptable! I hurt him/steal something more valuable of his.
    I do the same to him.
    I scream at him to buy me a new one, if not I'll break something of his.
    Just let it go. It's not a big deal.
  • 2
    Your parents make you do a chore you hate. You say:
    I know I don't like this, but I guess I should do it.
    Please don't make me do this! I won't do this chore but I'll do a different chore.
    Go away! I hate this chore and I hate you! You're the worst!
    No! I don't want to. You know I hate this chore!
    I'm going to do this but please can I do a different chore next time?
  • 3
    A teacher called Miss Smith tells you off for talking, something you did not do, pretend someone called Sam did it. You tell her:
    Erm, Miss Smith that was not me, it was Sam.
    Sorry, but I don't think that was me.
    That was Sam! Don't punish me for something I didn't do!
    Sorry Miss Smith, but I think that was Sam.
    Sorry Miss Smith. I promise I won't do it again.
  • 4
    Your quite close friend posts a picture on Instagram with the caption, "tagged all my friends". She didn't tag you but did tag another girl that she is not as close with. You:
    Ask her if she forgot you in a jokingly way. I know she wouldn't do that on purpose!
    Don't like the picture, and not be as friendly in your texts.
    Feel jealous! I avoid talking to her and looking at her.
    I unfollow and unlike all her posts. I give her mean looks and bump into her on purpose. She should know what she's done!
    Think nothing of it. I always forget stuff!
  • 5
    You get invited to a party of someone you don't particularly like. You:
    Come to the party and enjoy yourself! Maybe they're not that bad if I get to know them a little better.
    I beg my parents to tell them I already have an event on. I don't want to go to a party with them!
    Tell them straight up I can't go. If they question why, I tell them I have a party with my good friend. So much better!
    My friends will be there so yeah! I give them an ok present but it's not too bad.
    Come 5 minutes late and leave 5 minutes early. I still make an effort, it's their special day!
  • 6
    My parent passes me the present from grandma. A map. You say:
    Thank you, this is really nice! I will use it a lot.
    Thank you so much! It's so useful; I will put this up on my wall soon!
    Thank you, I like it.
    I don't really like it but thanks anyway.
  • 7
    You have done drama for 5 years! You should get the lead role in the school play. Mary-Anne got it? You got the 15th best role out of 24 roles. In play practices, you:
    I play my part to the best I can! If Mary-Anne is not good enough, maybe he'll pick me instead!
    Play it well. I'll look the best on stage even without the lead role!
    Play it awfully and try to speak stuttering. That'll teach him a lesson!
    Tell my parents I'm too sick to go. Like my role matters anyway!
    Say the wrong words and forget to go on. I'm not going to make an effort at all!
  • 8
    A person in the year/grade below you trips over in the hallway. You:
    Snigger and say, "Ha! You tripped!"
    Ignore them.
    Ask repeatedly if they are ok, and help them up. Poor them!
    Ask if they are ok and help them pick up anything they've dropped.
    Obnoxiously laugh and point at them! What a loser!
  • 9
    (In this question especially it is not to do with how much money you have, pretend you have a not poor not super rich salary.) It's your friend Becca's birthday! You get them:
    This nice new nail polish set of 3!
    The boots they have wanted for ever, I had to wait online for ages, they are always sold out!
    I quickly and luckily snatched the new perfume set I knew they would love when I first smelt it!
    A hairband!
  • 10
    Your little brother, who is 3 years younger than you, is running around and making a racket while you have a headache! You:
    Tell him if he can please be a little more quiet but he can still run around.
    Sigh deeply and state you have a bad headache and that he's not helping.
    Tell him if he would be so kind as to play another game.
    Shout at him to shut up and do something else!
    Scream at him to go away and stop being a noisy pig!

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