Alcohol Knowledge Test

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Test assesses your knowledge of alcohol abuse and its effects on you.

  • 1
    Alcohol is considered a drug. Why?
    It impairs your ability to drive, and can cause you to wreck.
    It's fermented.
    It affects the body and mind in a negative way.
    It's addictive.
  • 2
    The legal age for consuming alcohol is-
  • 3
    List 3 things that alcohol does to your body. (short-term effects)
    Dehydrates, makes your heart work harder, makes you sweat a lot.
    Slows heartbeat, alerts senses, promotes immune system.
    I hate alcohol.
    Irritates throat, dehydrates, makes your liver work harder.
  • 4
    Short term effects on the mind?
    Bad decision making, boredom
    Alertness, boredom
    Bad judgment in decision making, weakness in stressful situations
  • 5
    Name one common long-term effect of alcohol on the body.
    Irregular heartbeat.
  • 6
    Cirrhosis is what?
    Capable of killing you.
    When scar tissue take the place of healthy liver tissue.
    Inflammation of the gut.
    The condition of an irregular heartbeat, leading to stressed arteries.
  • 7
    Alcohol kills brain cells and increases your risk for dementia. What is dementia?
    Personality change paired with memory loss.
    Increased intuitiveness.
  • 8
    The dependence on alcohol is called-
  • 9
    What is 'binge drinking'?
    Consuming large amounts of alcohol in quick succession.
    Someone with high moral standards might only drink a couple of sips of alcohol for religious reasons. This is called binge drinking.
    Illegal alcohol drinking in a public place.
  • 10
    Symptoms of alcohol poisoning?
    Vomiting, headaches, slow breathing.
    Increased heart rate and alertness, vomiting.
    Vomiting, confusion, alertness.
    Nothing. It comes on slowly and silently.
  • 11
    What is the amount of alcohol in a person's blood called?
    ABP- Alcohol Blood Percentage
    DWA-Dilution of Alcohol
    BAC- Blood Alcohol Concentration
    TAC-Terminal Alcohol Concentration
  • 12
    Why does having a risk-taking personality put you at risk for alcoholism?
    It doesn't really increase your risk, especially if you have a lot of information on alcoholism.
    You might have a lot of curiosity.
    You might think that it couldn't possibly hurt you; why not? after all you're strong enough that you won't get addicted.
  • 13
    Why might alcoholics feel uncomfortable around people who don't drink?
    They might feel either guilty for their behavior, or feel like they can't indulge in their behavior around non-drinking friends.
    Because they don't want their friends to become alcoholics like them.
    They might not like being around people who don't share the same interests.
  • 14
    How does alcoholism affect your family?
    They may experience guilty feelings or become prey to violence.
    They might be mad.
    They could be confused about why you're like that.
  • 15
    What is FAS?
    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
    Fatal Alcoholism Symptoms
    Fear of Alcoholism
    Fight the Alcoholism Syndrome
  • 16
    Alcoholics Anonymous is-
    A drinking club
    A campaign for illegal alcohol to become legal
    A prevention campaign against people becoming addicted to alcohol
    A treatment program for alcoholics
  • 17
    How does alcohol affect you when driving?
    Makes you sleepy and amiable
    Reduces coordination, excites your nerves, causing recklessness, makes you unable to see stoplight colors very well
    Blurs vision, slows reaction time, reduces alertness and coordination

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