Easy Naruto Quiz

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See if you know much about the anime or not.
lol, but it's pretty easy.
first quiz I have ever made.
don't judge:(

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    Which Tailed-beast does Gaara have sealed inside him?
    Which Tailed-beast does Gaara have sealed inside him?

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sakura (86684)
13 days ago
this is fun easy and hard
body flicker (27314)
81 days ago
minato did create rasengan, nolan and boruto u got it the wrong way round his birth name is obito but then the real madara told obito to make everybody think obito was madara and when he joined akatsuki he again changed it to tobi jarziel, kaustubh ain't a 💗 cause he knows how to spell and actually izuna, madara's younger brother gave madara his eyes allowing madara to unlock ems. pervy sage ,in the japenese manga its spelt pein not pain so the maker of this quiz well done its 100% spot on wanabe naruto fans,DO SOME RESEARCH OR WATCH BOTH SERIES MORE THAN ONCE BEFORE YOU TRY AND CORRECT SOMEONE
nolan (25525)
89 days ago
minato didnt creat the rasangan it was the son of the sage of 6 paths
shisui (72810)
134 days ago
pervy sage minato did creat the rasengan
Boruto (11476)
140 days ago
Umm does anyone else feel cheated by question 2. It was Tobi who gave Kakashi his Sharingan because Tobi was dying smushed under a boullder so he gave him his eye. However Tobi didn't die and became Obito but at the time when he gave him his sharingan he was known as Tobi .
/$82 (98430)
156 days ago
Salty dub kids who think they know Naruto
Kakashi (16930)
174 days ago
Minato created the rasengan
Kaustubh (89865)
243 days ago
The quiz is 100% correct. Yes, madara did get his ems from izuna. Yes, minato did create the rasengan. Pain is in eng dub. Pein is in jap.
Pain (42819)
248 days ago
What the heck this so rubbish that am about puke I don' care why ar you making this but it's dumb and rubbish
Jarzial omrah (03680)
259 days ago
Madam got his eternal sharingan from izune? Serioudly
madara (19225)
266 days ago
minato created it then showed it to jiraya his sensei then jiraya showed naruto
saskue (15354)
342 days ago
its spelled pain doofus
Pervy sage (25810)
346 days ago
Its spelled Pain not pein and Minato did create the rasengan
sage (87001)
362 days ago
jiraiya did create the rasengan