Does he like you (middle school)?

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Does he like you? Middle school is very confusing find out if he has feeling for you

  • 1
    How long do you know him?
    A few weeks
    A year
    A few months(1-5)
    A few years (2-4)
    A lot more years(5-11)
  • 2
    Is he older then you or younger?
    I don't know
    A few years older(2-3)
    A year older
    Older(1-11 months)
  • 3
    Do you talk to him?
    Yes all the time
    Small talk
    Not that much
    No we don't talk
    Once in a while

  • 4
    How do you talk to him?
    You keep space between you two
    You are behind him or the other way around
    We don't talk
    Face to face
    Beside him
  • 5
    Where does he look when you are talking to him?
    Somewhere else
    Your lips
    The floor
    Straight in front of him
    At your eyes
  • 6
    Do you guys hang outside of school?
    Not that much
    We don't talk
    He has never asked

  • 7
    Eye contact?
    No he doesn't do any of that
    He stares at me
    he only glances at me
    Looks around for me
    No he doesn't know I exist
  • 8
    If he stares at you what does he do when you catch him?
    Looks away
    Blushes / looks nervous
    Keeps staring at you till you look away
  • 9
    Do his friends know about you?
    No they see me as any other person they don't know
    No they don't know I exist
    Yes they tease me about him
    Yes they talk to me
    I don't know but his friends look at me

  • 10
    Does he talk to you about other girls?
    No he respects me
    No he doesn't talk about anybody else
    We don't talk
    Yes he talks about them a lot
  • 11
    What does he do when you see him with other girls?
    I don't see him with other girls
    He stops and walks over to you and starts talking to you
    He doesn't do anything keeps talking to them
    He stops talking to them and stares at me
    He flirts with them even tho he knows I'm watching
  • 12
    Does he try to make you jealous? like maybe touching another girl, or flirting with them or making them laugh
    No he doesn't know me
    He does it on purpose to annoy me
    Yea sometimes
    He does it on purpose and brags about them to me
  • 13
    Does he even know you?
    Yes we are bestfriends
    Not really but we make small talk
    He stares at me if that counts
    Yes we are friends
  • 14
    Does he make an effort to talk to you?
    No only if I'm near him
    Only if he has to for class or something
    No he talk doesn't to me
    Yes but only small talk
    Yes he goes out of his way to talk to me
  • 15
    Does he hang out with other girls?
    I don't know
    Only a few girls
    Yes a lot
    No only me
  • 16
    When other girls see you talking to him what do they do?
    Try to break us up
    We don't talk
    Look annoyed
    Look sad
  • 17
    Has he ever complemented you?
    He doesn't know me
    Yes all the time ;)
    Yes few times
    We don't talk
  • 18
    Do you guys share interests?
    A few
    We don't talk about that
    We don't talk
    It's in the middle of a few and a lot
    A lot
  • 19
    Now you are almost done! Has he ever made physical contact with you?
    A few times
    Yes he always touches me
    Yes but he was trying to get through the hallways
    Yes brushed past me when he didn't have too (there was room)
  • 20
    Lastly, Trust your gut .... Do you think he likes you?
    Yes he gives a lot of signs
    No he doesn't even know me

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Nainai ( 30042 )
Posted 49 days ago
Um. Actually there is other answers I got a different one. Maybe it's your self reflection you need to work on.
agirlwholikesaguy ( 40808 )
Posted 171 days ago
this is so fake! the only answer is no! your just trying to break our hearts u [BEEP]!!!