How well do you know albertsstuff?

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Hey! Are you a fan of albertsstuff? Well let's see how well YOU know him!

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    Does albertsstuff play roblox?

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Serenity (26651)
1 hour ago
I picked the right answers it made them wrong I am a HUGE FAN OF HIM
LittleBoyWhoisaGirl (06986)
3 days ago
You dont know him that much

ill ban u for saying YES
me (34835)
4 days ago
You do NOT know albert. Jen does NOT use hacks, he is NOT named after a dinosaur, he does NOT use facecam in most of his videos. You aren’t a true fan.
wowww (96638)
5 days ago
you dont know albertsstuff yourself. the name albert was not taken from a dinosaur. that was in one video. you dont even know how to make questions. i got 8/15 right because i put no for him being named after a dinosaur. really?
Gis (99372)
5 days ago
This is fake
Gis (99372)
5 days ago
What the heck he dosent hack and he has some face cams in his old videos
And now he lives with Lana now
puffypiggypoo (42772)
5 days ago
This quiz is not true
puffypiggypoo (42772)
5 days ago
Why is there no 'no' button for number 14? Wth?
I cant think of a name (85039)
6 days ago
Get ya facts straight
7 days ago
This is ignorant and incorrect. Screw whomever made this trash
Rose (95274)
11 days ago
And not to mention Yammyxox,Lanasstuff,Russoplays,Bandi and so on.
Rose (95274)
11 days ago
Actually,you’re wrong on number 12,he will collab* with Jayingee,another YouTuber also known as his best friend.
ashley (30263)
12 days ago
they don't live together their moving in to a house together (january 2018) omg they didnt live together until now get ya facts right
YO TENGO (52137)
14 days ago
Albert:YO TENGO. Me: Yo TeNgO
w0t (34839)
14 days ago
Does albertsstuff live with his girlfriend?

Unfortunately, you didn't pick the right answer. That would be the right answer: Um idk (lol I really don't know!)

What do you mean? He does.
Kitty (65149)
16 days ago
This is a very bad test, I've been watching Albert for years and I got and 9?
Here I'll tell you the questions I got wrong and why they should have been right.

Q: Is AlbertStuff named after a dinosaur
What I got: No
What test says should have been right: Yes, well kinda
No he's not, his parents named him Albert because Albert is a name, the name Albert didn't come from a dinosaur!

Q: Does albersstuff have a facecam in some (most) of is videos?
What I got: No
What test says should have been right: Yes
Albert RARELY does facecam he has it in like 3 videos, and the word 'most' in the sentence... Seriously?

Q: Does albersstuff do hacks on roblox?
What I got: No
What test says hould have been right: Yes
He never hacks! He only uses admin which the creators GAVE HIM! Yet another example of how this test is wrong, it's almost like they don't even know Albert.

Q: Does albertsstuff say bad words SOMETIMES?
What I got: No
What test says should have been right: Yes
I said no because he doesn't cuss sometimes he does it ALL THE TIME, although he does it less now the answer still should have been yes, since the next question is If he says bad words and it says 'Yes' yet for the question before, the answer was 'No' which is confusing??

Q: Does albertsstuff live with his girlfriend?
What I got: Yes
What test says should have been right: Um idk (lol I really don't know!)
Now this question is what angered me the most, he has done a couple of videos with his girlfriend and in videos he even mentions 'Sorry, Lana is being loud in the other room'! I'm sorry but in a test, if you don't know the answer, you don't put 'Um Idk!!' if you don't know. If you don't know yourself but other Albert fans that take this test do, then don't even put the question if the test! Honestly, even I know that and a person making the test doesn't? Why put a question in if you don't know the answer?

Q: Does albertstuff play (colabe) with other youtubers?
What I got: Yes
What test says should have been right: No
Ok, now really? He plays with Jake in nearly EVERY video! He even collabed with RussoPlays, Yammy, LanasStuff, and for a fact I know that all of them are YouTubers! Have you not watched Albert in 3 years?
Also you spelled 'collab' wrong.

I've taken a lot of tests, and in a normal test, I should have gotten at least 14 right, this is one of the worst test I have ever taken, honestly, before you make another test, at least do some research on the person you're making the test about!
I rate this test 1/10 for at least trying, but you didn't do very well.
Pluto (86811)
17 days ago
There are loads of things wrong in this quiz...Albert DOES swear in vids, He DOES live With his girlfriend (Lana) he does upload with other YouTubers such as Jayingee Lanasstuff RussoPlays Bandi YammyYox etc...
Noob (97357)
17 days ago
This is fake don't do it
Jimmy (43719)
17 days ago
Really? He doesn't have face cam, and your grammar and spelling is terrible
Raul The Scammer (97464)
17 days ago
So i know albert. No I got a 7/15?
Wow Wth