Does your college teacher like you more than you think?

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Want to find out if your teacher has a little something for you? This isn't guaranteed because everybody is different.

  • 1
    Do you like your teacher?
    Yes, in love with her
    She's hot
    She's nice but that's it
    Hell no
  • 2
    Where do you sit in the class - how much do you participate?
    Back of the class - always on my phone
    Middle wish - depends if I read the book
    Front rows - always have my hand up
    Front rows - but only cause I can't see
    Not the front - but I still participate
  • 3
    Do you spend a lot of time talking with your teacher, does she make an effort?
    After every class and office hours
    Only when I have a question
    Sometimes just for a minute or two
    Never, don't have time for that
    Not unless she wants to talk to me
  • 4
    If you make eye contact with her during a test/silent work, what does she do?
    Make some kind of physical contact with you
    We don't make eye contact ever
    Either wink, physical contact, or both depends where she is in the class, anything to
  • 5
    Do you think she likes you?
    Honestly, kind of?
    No way
    I wish
    Yes but I could be way off
  • 6
    What's the age difference?
    0-5 years
    5-10 y
    10-15 y
    15-20 y
    20 + y
  • 7
    Has she made any strange/flirty comments/actions? (wink, physical contact, smile+the look, etc)
    All the time
    Happened a few times
    I don't think so
  • 8
    Has she contacted you in any other way outside of school? like fb, omnivox, email, #, etc
    More than once
    Other than if I missed class and it was college server, no
    Doesn't know what internet is
  • 9
    Was there anything flirty/unusual in the message?
    Just a wink emoji
    Idk really
    Oh yeah, straight up
    Winks and subtle compliments
  • 10
    What do your friends think?
    She's hitting on me
    Maybe she's just nice
    She's in love with me seriously
    They are bias anyways who cares, they know it's my fantasy
    There's nothing to worry about, she don't like you
  • 11
    Are you nice/flirty with her?
    Just respectful and nice
    Oh yeah all the time flirting it up in here
    Flirty since I noticed but not too much
    I laugh a lot but I don't want to be too flirty cause you know police
    No I'm mean

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