Which Stargate Atlantis guy is right for you?

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Imagine that you are part of the expedition crew that traveled to Atlantis. You fill in as a nurse when needed, but mostly your role is working in the kitchen. Out of all the Stargate men, who would you likely end up with--you may be surprised!

  • 1
    While on Atlantis (when it's not under siege), how do you get exercise?
    Exercise is not a priority.
    If possible, I try to go off world as much as I can.
    I go for runs throughout Atlantis, great cardio and I get to see so much of the city!
    I'm getting trained to fight by Tayla.
    I'm much too focused on my work to think about exercise.
  • 2
    Why did you choose to join the Atlantis team?
    Who wouldn't want to go on the adventure of a life time!
    I wanted to do something important.
    My skills are needed in Atlantis.
    To learn about Atlantis and all the secrets it holds.
    It was an opportunity I just couldn't refuse.
  • 3
    If you were given the opportunity to go off world, what type of mission would you want to go on ideally?
    A mission...
    Exploring new gate addresses.
    Trading for supplies like food.
    To provide healthcare for villages.
    Exploring ruins on an abandoned world.
    A reconnaissance mission to gain intel on the wraith
  • 4
    You've trained well enough to be allowed to go on a military mission. It goes south after a Wraith attack. You and a wounded team member have been separated from your team. You have been left behind on the planet with the Wraith. What is your plan?
    I don't think my partner will make it to the gate. We should find a nearby place to hide and wait for a team to come save us.
    I'd hide my wounded friend, and see if I could get to the gate to radio the situation in and call for backup. If not, I'd try to systematically take out the Wraith on my own.
    I'll hide my team member somewhere and head for the gate. I'll make it back quicker on my on, then I can send help.
    He's military, I'm sure my wounded team mate will come up with good plan.
    I'll through the wounded guy over my shoulder and get to the gate. There's no way we're just going to wait for the Wraith to come to us.
  • 5
    You now live in a whole different galaxy! The food is different from Earth so, how do you eat?
    I try to stick to the vegetables, who knows what animal the meat is.
    After a long day, I'll eat anything and won't think twice about it.
    I've never been a picky eater. Give me food and I'll eat it.
    I love meat, I'm basically a carnivore.
    I eat a lot better in Atlantis then I ever did before.
  • 6
    How do you dress most often when you're not in your Atlantis Base uniform?
    I'm basically always in my uniform.
    When I get casual time, which isn't often, I'm a jeans and a T kind of gal.
    New galaxy, new wardrobe. Teyla has inspired me to adapt my look to include more handmade leather pieces I had to trade to get.
    Clothes are the least of my concerns.
    When I have free time I often end up helping in the infirmary so I guess you could say scrubs and a lab coat.
  • 7
    Be honest with yourself, where do you think you stand intellectually?
    I see all the science types working on things far beyond my understanding. But in the medical field I'm pretty darn competent.
    I think I'm far too intelligent to be just a nurse/cook but this is where I ended up. Someday I'll show them what I'm really capable of.
    People here underestimate me. They don't know what I'm truly capable of.
    This expedition is full of intelligent people, a group which I happen to fall under, but I don't really need to show it off.
    I'm definitely not the smartest, but I make up for it in other ways.
  • 8
    You are under attack, your weapon of choice?
    Attack? Oh no. Fighting is really not my thing. I'd us a Wraith stunner I guess.
    A team of people. We could win a lot more battles together, rather than alone.
    I could use anything as a weapon if I had to.
    I have a special way of getting into an attacker's head.
    My brain is my favourite tool to get out of a rough situation.
  • 9
    Personally, how do you feel about the tests done on Wraith to turn them human?
    Why bother turning them human? We should just kill the all for what they have done to human kind.
    Biologically it's quite a feat. Mostly I'm just impressed.
    It's a slippery slope. As soon as we turn them into humans I don't think we can really treat them like Wraith anymore.
    It seems like the perfect solution to the Wraith problem.
    It's wrong. There will never be any trust between those turned human and actual humans. What sort of lives will they have among us? No, only bad can come of it.
  • 10
    You accidentally cut yourself while working in the kitchen. You sliced your hand and it's bleeding pretty badly. You go to the infirmary but it's really busy, everyone looks occupied. What do you do?
    Find a doctor who doesn't look too busy and ask them to stitch it up for you.
    Wrap it with something and sit patiently waiting for someone to become available and help you.
    You see that everyone is far too busy so you just roughly stitch it up yourself and wrap it. Then you try and help those in need in anyway you can.
    Whatever. You just wrap your bandanna around your hand and leave.
    You know these people need the doctors assistance more than you do. You usually heal pretty fast anyways so you just wander off.
  • 11
    There is some sort of contagion on Atlantis so everyone is put under quarantine. You're stuck in your room. What do you do?
    Radio in see if I can help, if not, catch up on some reading I guess.
    Train. Working out helps me when I know there's nothing I can do.
    I'd try to solve the problem any way I could from my confinement.
    Actually, I think I'd be in a hazmat suit, aiding the infected.
    Forced down time? I'd just lay on my bed and think.
  • 12
    While eating in the mess one of the dorky botany scientists approaches you and asks you out. How do you respond?
    Politely tell him you're not interested.
    His offer entices you and you agree to go out with him.
    In self-pity you think to yourself 'Is this what my life has come to?'
    You laugh, then you laugh harder. He thought you would actually go out with him? You're laughing so hard you almost fall out of your chair.
    You're not really interested in him but one date couldn't hurt so you tell him yes.
  • 13
    Think about you're day to day life on Atlantis. When your not busy, what is your favourite thing to do in the city?
    Eat food in the mess!
    Well I got the Ancient gene inoculation so flying jumpers for sure.
    I get great satisfaction from pouring myself into my work.
    I love training. Knowing I'll be able to defend myself from an attacker is a good feeling.
    Who could pick just one thing, when the city has so much to offer.
  • 14
    If you walked passed Rodney and Ronon that day Rodney could read minds, what would he hear you think?
    "I'm starving, hope we're not serving the same thing as yesterday."
    "He's so hot" (of course you meant Ronon).
    "I wonder what fishing would be like on this planet?"
    "It's funny how much of a contrast the is physically and mentally between Ronan and Rodney..."
    "I feel so different from all the people here. This just doesn't feel like home to me."
  • 15
    Imagine you were in a sparing match with Ronon, how would it go for you?
    Well I would try. I wouldn't win but I'd try.
    Umm, let's just say I sprained my ankle at the beginning of the match and couldn't continue.
    When I have a grudge I can be pretty ruthless.
    Why in the world would I ever fight him willingly?
    I'd give him a run for his money.
  • 16
    Target practice, how's your aim?
    Well I can get by, but I wouldn't rely on me for a precision shot.
    I'm pretty darn accurate.
    I can hold my own with a gun.
    Bullseye every time.
    I really don't like guns, do I have to?
  • 17
    What's the one luxury item you brought to Atlantis?
    Something I knew would come in handy.
    Extra toothbrushes, you can never have too many of those.
    Something that reminds me of home.
    I didn't bother bringing one.
  • 18
    Hypothetically, if you had to be either a Replicator or a Wraith, which would you choose?
    Team Replicator.
    Team Wraith.
    I'm too afraid of them both!
    I'd rather be dead.
    I don't even want to consider being either.
  • 19
    If you were to get into a relationship on Atlantis, what are you looking for?
    Long term. Well as long term as you can be when you face imminent death on a daily basis.
    Nothing serious, just a fling.
    I'd like to start as friends and later turn that relationship into a romantic one.
    If I'm going to be in a committed relationship, I'm in it for the long haul.
    Monogamous, with marriage in sight.
  • 20
    So be real with yourself, which of these Atlantis guys do you most see yourself dating?
    John Sheppard
    Rodney McKay
    Ronon Dex
    Radek Zelenka
    Aiden Ford

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