Does she love me?

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This is for all the junior high guys who are just damn curious right now... this is made by a girl from highschool so yeah I know exactly what girls like etc

  • 1
    Does she stare at you?
    I'm not sure
    Yep, all the time
    I've caught her a few times
  • 2
    Have you caught her talking about you around her friends or talking about something and then looking at you smiling?
    I'm not sure://
    I think so
  • 3
    Does she treat you different to all the other guys in a good way or does she just act that way to everyone?
    She treats me slightly different:))
    I don't even think she knows I exist
    She treats me way different: D
    She doesn't treat me any different:((
    I'm not sure://
  • 4
    Does she fiddle around you, become shy or studder at all?
    She's not the kind of person who gets nervous around anyone, she is very confident and isn't that sort of person
    Yep: D
    I'm not sure
  • 5
    Is she single?
    I'm not sure
    She flirts with a lot of guys but she is apparently single
    Single as a Pringle WHOO: D
  • 6
    Do her friends make jokes about you, try push her towards you, tease her about liking you or anything like that?
    She doesn't have friends lol
    Not sure
  • 7
    Do the two of you share common interests?
    Yep, we love the same things
    We are very different
    Not sure
  • 8
    Are you friends?
    Well, I'm not sure tbh... its confusing
    Like I said, she doesn't know I exist lmao
    No, we are BEST friends: D
    Nope, she hates me
    Yes, we are friends:))
  • 9
    Do you have a good past together?
    We met recently but already are super close
    Yeah, childhood friends
    She doesn't know I exist
    Sort of:)
    We don't really have a past
  • 10
    Why did you take this quiz? (This won't count towards your final score)
    I'm not sure if she likes me or not
    I'm curious:))
    I'm bored://
    Friend told me to

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Jeff (52871)
16 days ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I hate poems
So f you too
Cool (80940)
321 days ago
Cover your mouth
Make a wish
Make a fist
Hold your fist at your heart for 5 seconds
To motor your dream will come true