What Warrior Rank Are You?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Bob the Tomato - Developed on: - 6.422 taken

Take the test and find out what warrior rank you would have in your clan!

  • 1
    What is your favorite thing to do?
    Clean my room, help others
    Make wise choices to help the people around me
    Help the people in authority over me
    Practice making myself a better person
  • 2
    You get a vision from Starclan saying that badgers will attack. What do you do?
    Consult your leader immediately
    Set up extra patrols and have everyone on high alert
    Consult your leader and try to figure out what it means
    Tell your leader and help him figure out what to do
  • 3
    Your mate and kits are trapped in different places and you must figure out who to save first. Who will you save?
    I'll command someone to help my mate and save my kits by myself
    Even if it hurts, I have to save my kits
    I will try to save both, with a friend
    Call for a warrior to help you save them and help anyway you can if they're hurt
  • 4
    You are starving, but there is only one shrew on the kill pile. All the elders have been fed, but there is a queen that is out for a walk, who hasn't eaten yet. What do you do?
    The queens need to be fed! Especially if they are nursing kits!
    Let everyone know about the queen and join a hunting patrol
    Make an announcement about the prey
    Send out a hunting patrol and go search for the queen to make sure she's alright
  • 5
    A small kittypet kit is on your land, but is in danger. What do you do?
    Try to save the kit, but make sure it's alright before it goes home
    Rush over to help, but send him off with a warning
    Save the kit, send him off, and consult your leader about it later
    Save the kit and send him off with a warning. Look around to see if there is any more danger
  • 6
    There is a dog on your land. You are with five other cats. What do you do?
    Send someone to go fetch help, but stay and fight
    Attack at your leaders command
    Warn the others, but run back to camp for reinforcements
    Send someone for help and command your patrol what to do
  • 7
    What suits you the most?
    I have to beat the other team! Can't let my family down.
    Figure out the best way to win and get your team to try it
    Uh-oh. Never done this before, but I'll try.
    Help the leader command the team
  • 8
    A rouge is on your territory. What do you do?
    Confront it. Show authority over the land, but be reasonable
    Chase it off.
    Call to it. Reasonably.
    Confront it, see what it wants
  • 9
    Your leader is going insane. What do you do?
    Be extremely worried, but continue on with your work, do the best you can for your clan
    Fill in for him/her.
    Do your best to obey, but stay extremely reasonable and wise. Taker her/his place for a while.
    Give him/her some poppy seeds and try your best to keep her/him calm.
  • 10
    Do you know all the herbs there are?
    If I need to know, I will try and learn them.
    I don't know all of them, but I will try my best to learn and remember them if I have to
    No, but I'll try.
    There's catmint, poppy seeds, goldenrod, horsetail, borage leaves, burdock root....

Comments (3)


Violetflower (47946)
17 days ago
Well, I got medicine cat ;-;
Moonwillow (63197)
62 days ago
I'm a warrior. I was kinda hoping for that since med cats are WAY overused.
Dappledtail ( ° ʖ °) (27519)
190 days ago
wow i'm deputy! this was a great quiz glad I found it!