What Harry Potter Character Are You?

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  • 1
    If working in the Order of the Phoenix, what role would you play?
    Spy on Voldemort
    Try to make yourself useful, but you can't go on missions even though you are a great wizard/witch
    Spy for Voldemort
    Lead the Order
  • 2
    What is your most grievous fault?
    Plan something wrong
    Blame myself for an accident/Make a terrible mistake
    I don't have any
    Help the wrong people
    Treat others lower than me badly
  • 3
    What is your favorite spell, hex, or curse?
    I'll use any spell I can to protect my friends!
    Crucio! I like to torture my opponents before I kill them!
    Sectumsempra! (Or Levicorpus, that's fine)
    I don't have one! I really don't like the Unforgivable Curses, though.
    Avada Kedavra!
  • 4
    How would you react if someone said, "Dumbledore's here!"
    I'd be a bit frightened, but I wouldn't admit it. I also would be relieved.
    I hate Dumbledore, so I'd fight the old, weak man.
    I'd fight him for a bit, then Apparate away furiously.
    I would be glad, but sometimes, I don't like his decisions, even if they are for the best.
    I would be glad to have all the help I can get for helping people- or fighting!
  • 5
    What is your weakness?
    Not being able to help friends and family
    Seeing my loved ones in danger
    I keep it to myself
    My pride
    I have a hard heart
  • 6
    Gryffindor or Slytherin?
    Slytherin, all the other houses are ridiculous.
    Gryffindor, but I don't deserve it. I could've been in Ravenclaw
    Slytherin, obviously. If I wasn't, I would've left!
  • 7
    What do you enjoy in your free time?
    Giving cruel orders, and being mean
    Reading I see fun, but I will be with friends.
    Hanging out with friends
    Reading, researching, being alone
  • 8
    Would you change the past if you could?
    I would love to help, but we learn from our mistakes. Everything we know could be changed if we time traveled.
    Yes! I'd help and warn all my friends of danger!
    To help my friends or family, in a second.
    To get revenge on everyone who has thwarted my evil plans!
    If I could go back and be mean to somebody, or get revenge.
  • 9
    How do you fell about Harry Potter?
    I'd kill him if I could!
    The boy is quite delightful, and talented too.
    I would do anything to protect him!
    He struts around, thinking so highly of himself.
  • 10
    Lastly, do you have anything you are brilliant at? (Everyone does, but I can't list everything you could be good at.)
    Curses, I'm strong, I can hurt people easily
    Spying, being quiet and refined, reading, I'm intelligent.
    I'm talented and smart, I'm rather strong.
    Being evil!

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