Does he like you back? ACCURATE

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Stuck on whether your crush likes you back or not? Take this very accurate quiz to find out!

  • 1
    How long have you known each other?
    A few weeks or so
    A year or a couple of months
    Since we were young kids
    2-8 years
    A couple of days
  • 2
    Are you friends?
    We aren't really friends/ he hates me
    Yes, we're really close friends
    We just met, but are beginning a friendship
    We're good friends
    We're friends
  • 3
    How many times has he started the conversation before you?
    I always start the conversations
    It's 50/50
    We never really talked before
    He always starts the conversations
    I usually start the conversations, but he does sometimes
  • 4
    Is he nice to you?
    Nice to me and equally nice to others
    Very nice to me
    He is always mean to me/ he never talked to me before
    He is nice to me on occasion or rarely
    Really nice to me, always cares about my feelings
  • 5
    How does he look at you?
    He tries to avoid looking at me, he doesn't look at all
    He looks at me like he would look at his friend
    He looks at me and smiles
    He doesn't know I exist yet
    He looks me up and down and smiles while doing it, he looks at certain areas of me
  • 6
    What does he compliment you on, if he ever complimented you?
    He compliments me on casual things like my shoes or my backpack
    He compliments me on my outfit or hair
    He compliments my body, my smile or personality
    He complimented me on a joke or something I said before
    He never complimented me
  • 7
    Is he in a relationship?
    He is not in any type of relationship:)
    He has a certain crush on another girl- that's not me:/
    He is single, but he might like someone else but I'm not sure
    He is in a falling apart relationship/ not a strong one
    He is in a strong relationship that has been going for a while
  • 8
    How many things do you have in common?
    A lot (5-10) maybe even more
    0-1 were not alike at all
    Not a lot 1-2 were complete opposite
    3-5 things in common
    1-3 things in common, things we could work with
  • 9
    Does he mention your name a lot with friends?
    Not at all, talks about things I'm not in
    Most of the time
    Yes, frequently
    He sometimes does, not a ton
    He did once
  • 10
    Do you think you have a chance with him?
    No- I don't think so
    Yes, I think he likes me
    Probably not
    Maybe, he is nice to me and probably likes me
    Not sure yet

Comments (3)


Tallie (43926)
205 days ago
To me it's very accurrate! :) He likes me!
Msfuzzywinkle👻 (28560)
302 days ago
Not very accurate to me, but..... 😔
xx__.amy.__ (37960)
311 days ago
not hating an di love this test cus it has detailed answers but I got he may or may not like you back which isn't very accurate... sorry :( good test tho :)