Grimsdon, a Novel by Deborah Abela

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Grimsdon is in ruins. Three years ago a massive wave flooded the city. Most people were rescued but some were left behind. Isabella and her best friend Griffin live with three young kids, surviving with the help of Griffin's brilliant inventions and Isabella’s fighting skills, but they face powerful sneaker waves, unscrupulous bounty hunters, a ruthless harbour lord and even sea monsters.

  • 1
    What was the terrible event that destroyed the city of Grimsdon?
    What was the terrible event that destroyed the city of Grimsdon?
    A tornado
    An invasion by a brutal army
    A fire
    A flood
  • 2
    Isabella Charm and her best friend Griffin look after three young kids. What are their names?
    Bea, Rick and Fiona
    Matt, Xavier and Bea
    Bea, Raffy and Fly
    Raven, Bea and Fly
  • 3
    Isabella Charm and Griffin meet Xavier Stone when he breaks into their home. They want to throw him out, but change their minds when he offers them something he has. What is it?
    An underwater vehicle called a Submariner
    Classes in Judo, so they can defend themselves from villains
    His knowledge of the city, including a secret
    A flying machine called an Aerotrope
  • 4
    There is something very unique about Fly and how she communicates with other people. What is it?
    She doesn't speak, so often draws pictures.
    She communicates in sign language
    She knows what people are going to say before they say it
    She has telepathy, so knows what other people are thinking
  • 5
    A group of lost children live in a building known as the Haggle. What is the name of the boy who looks after these children?
    The Ruler
  • 6
    Isabella and the kids hear rumours about a creature which lives in the city. What kind of creature is it?
    A sea monster
    A pterodactyl
    A dragon
    A great white shark
  • 7
    Life is very dangerous for the children of Grimsdon. What are three threats they face?
    Rising flood waters, robbers and killer whales
    Sea monsters, collapsing buildings and man-eating fish
    Sneaker waves, an evil harbour lord called Sneddon and bounty hunters
    Sea monsters, sharks and rising flood waters
  • 8
    The evil harbour lord, Sneddon, will stop at nothing to get what he wants, including harming children. What does he do to Isabella when she threatens to ruin his plans?
    Has her bound to the mast of his ship
    Has her bound by rope and forces her to walk the plank
    Locks her in a dungeon
    Locks her in a cabin with his poisonous tiger snake called Albert
  • 9
    Isabella and Griffin meet a mad scientist who lives in the ruins of the State Library. What does he threaten them with when they first meet?
    A spear gun
    A fish
    A sword
    A strong bow
  • 10
    Griffin is small and not very brave but super smart. At the end of the book, what does he give Isabella that proves to Xavier just how brave Griffin is?
    A coat
    A kiss
    A promise
    A letter

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