How pretty are you (ACCURATE) for girls only!

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10 Questions - Developed by: Ebany - Developed on: - 7.337 taken

Take this very accurate quiz if you are desperate to find out

  • 1
    What colour are your eyes?
    Hazel or black
    Green! They're beautiful!
    Blue! Like the ocean!
    Plain old brown:(
    You can't tell! That's how red and sore they are!
  • 2
    What colour is your hair?
    Blonde or light brown!
    Medium or dark brown
    I'm the cutest red head in school!
    Black! Like the night sky!
    Dyed crazy colours!
  • 3
    How often do you get compliments?
    Every day!
    Very often!
  • 4
    Do you think you are pretty?
    Yeah! I'm beautiful!
    I'm pretty but not the prettiest person I know!
    Not at all, I'm soooooooo ugly
    Not really
    Totally! I'm adorable!
  • 5
    Which one of these combinations describe your looks best?
    Nice hair, pretty eyes, wonderful skin, beautiful smile, great fashion sense, not many pimples
    Okay hair, normal eyes, good skin, average smile, good sense in fashion, some pimples.
    Greasy hair, weird eyes, normal skin, ugly smile, no fashion sense at all, a lot of pimples
    Silky and smooth hair, stunning eyes, perfect skin, incredible smile, awesome taste in fashion, no pimples.
    Tangly hair, revolting eyes, hideous skin, disgusting smile, what is fashion?, lost count of pimples
  • 6
    Which one of these best describes your personality?
    Not cool at all, meaner than mean, animal hater, always in a bad mood, mean and nasty jokes
    Pretty cool, caring and sweet, likes animals, rarely in a bad mood, funny jokes
    Awesome, kind to everyone, animal lover, never in a bad mood, hilarious jokes
    Cool in a way, kind, OK with animals, sometimes in a bad mood, cringed jokes
    Not really cool, not kind, not a fan of any animals, rarely in a good mood, what are jokes?
  • 7
    What do you want your score to be?
    I want to be ugly!
    Really pretty
    Beautiful and drop dead gorgeous!
    Fairly good score
    Normal score
  • 8
    What clothes do you wear?
    Dresses and heals
    Sweat pants and a ripped worn out shirt
    Jeans or skirts with a cute top
    T shirts and shorts, sporty!
    I don't wear clothes I wear plastic bags
  • 9
    This quiz is nearly over!
    Hurry up so I can go!
    Awwwww, I will miss you
    So sad:(
  • 10
    See ya!

Comments (5)


Katie Cat Lady (82486)
248 days ago
I mean wear, not weat. Oopsy daisy...
Katie Cat Lady (82486)
248 days ago
I cant weat makeup because im only eleven, and btw im not allowed to. :(
Katie Cat Lady (82486)
248 days ago
It said im beautiful. I only would be if I didnt wear glasses, I wore contacts and makeup. Then and only then would I be beautiful.
Alisha (68062)
296 days ago
Most of the people say that I am cute and people stares me lot , but no one said that I am too much beautiful accept this test result .Btw thanks for the compliment
Izzy (14219)
312 days ago
Thanks I luv this quiz Ur beautiful as well xx