Does my crush like me back? PRETTY ACCURATE

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  • 1
    First explain your relationship with your crush?
    First explain your relationship with your crush?
    Just classmates
    Kinda friends?¿
  • 2
    Do you ever catch him staring at you?
    Do you ever catch him staring at you?
    My friends say he does when I'm not looking
  • 3
    How does he act when he's around you?
    A little nervous here and there
    He's acts like himself
    Hella shy it's adorable
    Haven't noticed
  • 4
    Do you guys talk?
    Do you guys talk?
    Not at all
    Only like about the weather or something simple
  • 5
    How do his friends act when you're around?
    How do his friends act when you're around?
    They tease him or like look at him then me
    They tease me about him actually
    They act normal
    Haven't noticed
  • 6
    Is he single? Does he like anyone?
    Is he single? Does he like anyone?
    I don't even know but he doesn't like me
    Single and likes someone else
    Single and I think likes me
  • 7
    Does he know you like him?
    Does he know you like him?
    Yes, and he just ignores the fact I like him
    I think so
    Yes, and I think he likes me back
  • 8
    Does he ever try to make you laugh or smile?
    Does he ever try to make you laugh or smile?
    I get the feeling he does
    Yes, all the time lol
    Nah he's just doing stupid stuff for everyone around
  • 9
    Does he ever compliment you?
    Maybe I just can't remember
    A few times
  • 10
    Final question: Do you think think he likes you?
    Final question: Do you think think he likes you?
    Why do you think I'm here?

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Lana (93186)
9 hours ago
I have been thinking that he has liked me for a while ,we do a drawing co for some time now.
In luuuuv ❤️ (04381)
I took this test a week ago and my crush confessed feeling to me! I’d definitely trust this test.
Freaking crush obsessed (04381)
I’ve taken at least 10 tests on this (yes, that’s just me) and they all say yes!
Jamie (30535)
this really worked.
Arielle (88988)
2 days ago
i have a strong feeling he likes me. thanks!!
cristal 🌺 (65965)
3 days ago
omfg he messaged me saying he liked me a lot while doing this quiz and now we're going out ;o; exited :Dahhhh im on cloud 9
Casey (62779)
3 days ago
A girl named summer died repost or you will die

I don't wanna die
Super confused (20140)
8 days ago
I'm super confused I have basically two crushes and it's really hard to choose one and they are opposites. One is super popular and he used to be super into me and I've liked him sence 3dr grade. He funny and kind acts 💗 but he is achally really smart. And SUPER HOT! He has light brown hair really pretty blue eyes and is pretty tall. The other one has dark brown hair that sticks up in a cute way and has dark brown eyes. He is smart and sit next to me in almost every class not by choice but for some reason the teachers put us together. We tease each other and he always makes me happy. So what one shale I choose
Karin (89584)
10 days ago
Hey zoeshya!!!! This is karin, love you too
Megan (89584)
10 days ago
A lot of my friends like this one guy. He's my friend and his friend Jayden says he likes me. Well Jayden came up to me and **** and said "Common ****, When are you gonna ask her for her number?" I don't want to tell my friends because they will be jealous. So many girls like him and I don't want them to be mad at me or anything. I'm not really sure how to feel about him but he is really funny and cute. What should I do?
Bethel (88772)
12 days ago
Hey guys I’m back with more crush problems I still like the same guy and my friends say it’s so obvious that he likes me but I’m convinced he likes another girl but my other brain half (aka my bff for ever(literally we might share s brain we’re so alike it’s scary)) but anyways my bff says that he likes me and she knows it but idk what to do I like my crush so much that I actually write songs about my feelings and even tho u guys don’t go to my school everything it rlly more difficult then it sounds he doesn’t compliment me tho and whenever he says something then a few seconds later he goes “OMG u know I’m kidding right did I hurt ur feelings?!” He says I’m rlly good at school and stuff but I think I freaked him out when I gave him my number (with the help of my other brain half) but then when he didn’t text me I got his number from his best guy friend but I only did it cause of this quiz!!!
Capes (41873)
14 days ago
A girl named summer died repost or you will die.
Abigail Creech (85712)
15 days ago
A girl named summer died repost or you will die.

Love my crush (45510)
15 days ago
I told my crush I liked him - he told me
Maybe he did . My crush shows more
Signs he likes me and haven't said
Yes or no ever since
Hi (45510)
15 days ago
A girl named summer died repost or you'll die
someonespecial (37147)
16 days ago
a girl named summer died repost or you die
Penguin moo (02834)
18 days ago
The test said he does like me.... But thats not possible.. I don't think he really does.. just wanted to see the result lolz
comfuzzledgirl😁 (69761)
19 days ago
I honestly don't know if my crush likes me or not!!! We have ELA together and he always sits across from me. Pretty much everyday I catch him staring at me and he has grabbed my hand before when we were listening to the teacher talk. Everyone says he like me and i think he might but the thing is he used to date my best friend. She has a new boyfriend now and it has been a few months but I don't think she is completely over him. Plus soemtimes he mentions other girls. He is single so he's not dating them or anything but he mentions them and I don't know if he is just trying to make me jealous or if he just doesnt like me. Someone please help me!!!!!!!
Happy 😊! (53675)
25 days ago
My crush loves me! He always blushes when he catches me staring at him! BTW, his name is Karin Rodsad . My name is Zoeysha Sarrisa. I know the entire attendance in my class. It's Kelly, Charles, Sam, Pete, Charrolete, Emma, Caleb, Hudson, Robby, Ella, Sofie, Sidney, Barrie, Zara , Karin, Zoeysha, Sullivan.
Upset!!!!!😔 (53675)
25 days ago
My. crush. Doesn't. Like. Me. 😔
Have. To. Get. Another Guy.
I'm. Really. Really. Sad. Wanna. Cry.