Does he like you back?

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Does he like you back, or are you just dreaming?

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    Does he know who you are?
    We talk when we see each other, but we don't go to great lengths to hang out or chat or anything.
    He knows who I am, but him and I don't talk much.
    Yeah, we're friends! We hang out all the time, and we even share most of our friends.
    I wish!
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    Does he tease you?
    Yeah, but it's genuinely mean:^/
    Not really, no
    Occasionally, yeah, but it's never excessive.
    Yeah, all the time! It gets annoying sometimes, he does it so much.
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    What do you usually talk about?
    School/work, sports, what happened that day. Nothing really too personal, but we still talk a bit.
    Nothing. We don't talk. But I practically have conversations with him with my staring eyes ;^)
    Anything, from school/work, to sports, to personal issues, to weird crap. We talk about anything and everything. It's cool.
    Well, he'll occasionally ask me for the answers to the homework, if that counts...
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    When you talk to him, where are his eyes focused?
    Usually on me, but it's not, like, intense or anything. It's just... casual *sighs*
    On whatever he's doing/somewhere else
    On me! (or, if he's shy, at the ground)
    I DON'T TALK TO HIM/some other girl
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    Is he single?
    Nope, but I would make a MUCH better girlfriend than his current one
    I think so, yeah
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    Does he stare and/or steal awkward, short glances at you?
    Yeah, both!
    I don't think so, but I could just be really stupid:^P
    Not really, but maybe once or twice.
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    Does he ever get noticeably nervous around you?
    No, but I still have hope!
    No, it's just casual and friendly #friendzone
    No, but he's never around me... so...
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    Are you confident?
    Not in particular, but I'm not a chicken either.
    Nah, not really, but occasionally I'll have quick bursts of confidence.
    Yeah, but he still makes my heart melt..
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    Does he try to impress you?
    Not really, but occasionally he'll do something amazing when I'm around.
    Yeah, when I'm around he's always trying too hard to crack jokes and be smart and such.
    No, not really, but we're too casual for that.
    He doesn't HAVE TO try to impress me. (so yeah no)
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    What does your heart think?
    I'm mostly leaning toward no, but my heart still holds hope
    He might be, as he's super friendly and caring towards me, but I'm not sure.
    Yea, I think he's IN LOVE with me! But I'm not sure.
    Idk, that's why I'm taking this quiz...
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    What do any of your friends think?
    They don't think so, but they're not entirely sure/they don't know.
    They won't stop asking when we'll hook up *eye roll*
    They tell me to shut up and get on with my life.
    They don't think so, but they do acknowledge the fact that he is super friendly with me.

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301 days ago
kudos!! really fun and good quiz. only thing that I would change is "where does he look when you're talking" he looks in my eyes, which wasn't a choice