Do you truly love him?

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One sided love is something only I few can truly fall for. Are you really in love with him?

  • 1
    Have you both ever had a conversation? On social media or face to face?
    Ya we have talked few times. It was quite a friendly conversation.
    No, we have talked only 2 or 3 times.
    YES! We talk almost every second day. He has even told me some of his secrets. I feel so good
    Nah! I wish we could have talked a bit
    No. I don't really want to talk to him. . Does that matter
  • 2
    Do you ever make fantasies related to him?
    YES! I really want him! I think about him all day
    Ya, I have a few
    No. I don't really want to think about him that much.
  • 3
    Are you attracted towards his body?
    I don't know. . Though I think he looks OK
    He is kinda hot or cute. But looks don't matter at all in love. . right?
    He is so fucking hot and sexy!
    He looks kinda ugly sometimes
  • 4
    He comes to you one day and tells you that he is madly in love with one of your closest or best friend even though he knows you love him. He asks you to help him. What will you do?
    Say sorry and walk away.
    Tell him yes you will help him but try your best to make your friend hate him
    Make a reason so that he does not feel hurt and stop liking her.
    Feel extremely Sad but say that you will help him. This makes you cry but You help him by asking about him to your friend.
    Slap hm hard and say he is a jerk to ask help from you
  • 5
    He says he loves you and asks your answer. What will you say?
    Yes! I was waiting for this for so long
    Make a disgusted face and walk off
    Say NO in a way he does not get hurt in
    Say yes casually
  • 6
    He is a drunker and a smoker. You hate both these kind of people. What would be your next step?
    YUck! I hate him!
    Oh god! I don't really know. I don't want to like him anymore
    I will forget everything and say I love these kind of people
    Will not start liking these people but as you love him, you will respect his lifestyle but still encourage him to leave it
  • 7
    He is a cancer patient and soon is gonna die. He asks you to stay with him just as a FRIEND. What will you say?
    Say that you don't want to stay in his life just as a friend.
    Feel sorry for him but say that you don't want yourself missing him if he dies.
    Say you would love to be in his life either as a friend or as something else. . But then cry alone for him
  • 8
    He says he hates you, you are annoying and weird. He also says he wants you out of his life because that will make him happy. You -
    Feel used and slap him or abuse him and say that you are not interested either
    Say sorry and walk away from his life just because he will be happy
    Move on but always hate him
  • 9
    Do you want to love him?
    YA I really love him. He is the whole world to me. I can even write a whole paragraph on him.
    Not really
    Not at all!
    I don't know. that is why I took this quiz
  • 10
    By some reason you are at his house and he is alone because his parents are out of town for a week. You family thinks you are with your girl friend. While in a deep conversation, He slowly makes an eye contact and comes close to you. What will you do?
    I will tell him not to do this. You really don't want to touch him.
    Will try your best not to look desperate and will kiss him or let it happen
    Jump on him. . I was waiting for this to happen for so long!
    Get angry and leave his house at once

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Raman ( 00742 )
Posted 170 days ago
Aww thnx n the result was good but what u said was the osm๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜thnx again..