Does he have a crush on me?

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  • 1
    Does he stare at you?
    A little bit, not a big deal
    Yes, I saw him looking at me/my friends saw
    Yes, but not in a way that screams 'you look cute'
    No, not staring
  • 2
    Does he smile at you, or give you a specific look?
    Yes, but in a professional/occasional way
    No, not really
    Yes, but only if our eyes accidentally meet
    Yes, he will search for me with his eyes, and then give me this look
  • 3
    Does he put in effort to talk to you?
    No, he doesn't really talk at all to me
    Well, he comes over and talk, but is gone soon
    Not really 'effort', he will just talk to me when we see each other
    Yes, he will stand next to me on purpose, so we start talking
  • 4
    Has he been treating you differently than other girls/boys?
    Yes, can't explain, he just acts different, in a good way!
    A bit, but that's because we are good friends too
    Yes, but not that specific
    Not at all, actually. He acts normal around me
  • 5
    Does he flirt with you? (give compliments, touches you slightly, protects you)
    Yes, he always does those kind of things!
    No, and I don't know if he will ever
    Yes, some of these things he does
    Not that I have ever realised
  • 6
    When you are in a conversation, does he listen and show interest?
    No, it feels like I'm talking to air
    Well, he listens, but doesn't look directly at me
    Yes, he looks me in my eyes and asks questions
    Yes, he listens but doesn't ask anything about the subject
  • 7
    If you have his number, how often does he text you, and how does he text you?
    I text him, and he will reply, and show interest in me
    He texts me often, but doesn't show interest in me
    He texts me often and shows a lot of interest in me
    I text him, he will reply but doesn't show interest in me
  • 8
    Has he talked to you about liking another girl/boy?
    Well, he likes 'someone' but doesn't want to tell me a name
    Yes, he has talked about liking someone, and told me all about that person
    No, but he has mentioned things about liking me
    No, but he has mentioned vague things
  • 9
    Does he share a laugh with you, and is the conversation easy going?
    We don't laugh a lot, our talks are serious
    Yes, we laugh all the time and we talk easy
    The conversation feels forced and we have awkward laughs
    Yes, we laugh, but talking is hard
  • 10
    Last, but not least, does he tease you, or try to make you laugh?
    He actually doesn't at all. He is quiet/serious around me
    Well, he makes a joke now and then to make me laugh
    Yes, he teases me for fun, and makes me laugh, but I never tease him
    Yes, we tease each other for fun, and we make each other laugh

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