Does my teacher have a crush on me?

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Want to know if your teacher has a crush on you?

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    Does he looks at you often, and different?
    A bit, but not more than at others
    Yes, but not in a specific way, just professional
    Well, only if he has to, like in class or something
    Yes, he looks at me a lot, so I have seen and my friends too. He looks like 'you look cute'
  • 2
    Does he talk, if yes, any different?
    Yes, we talk a lot, but he is easy going with everyone
    No, he doesn't talk to me at all, except when I ask him something about a subject
    Yes, he looks quite comfortable
    We don't talk a lot
  • 3
    Does he give you extra attention?
    I'm not sure
    No, no extra attention
    Yes, a lot actually
    Yes, but not that much
  • 4
    Does he smile at you or when he sees you?
    Well, he smiles occasionally
    No, he is just being nice as a normal teacher
    Yes, he smiles when he sees me and then smiles when we talk
    Yes, he smiles when we talk
  • 5
    Does he flirt with you? (make comments other teachers won't, or teases you)
    Yes, all of the above! But only with me! ;)
    No, not at all, he doesn't really talk to me (only in class)
    Yes, but he does that with everyone
    No, just normal comments
  • 6
    When your friends (playfully) make fun of you, will he side with them or with you?
    He gets mad at all of us for not paying attention
    He doesn't do anything
    He sides with me, because he thinks I'm vulnerable
    He sides with them, in a playful way!
  • 7
    When you have a question about something, does he help you in a special way? (joking while explaining, making you feel secure, etc)
    Yes, he helps me, joking a little bit.
    He helps me, but in a professional way
    He helps me, but only because he has to
    Yes, he helps me by explaining me, in a fun way, and makes me feel safe.
  • 8
    When you are on a trip with school, does he make an effort to joke around with you, or play with you? (like scaring you for fun, telling you funny things, making you laugh)
    Yes, but he does that with everyone
    Yes, he knows a few fears I have, and playfully jokes around with me about that
    A little bit, but not really an effort, just if I'm close by on coincident
    No, not with me
  • 9
    If you have made some fun but dumb comments, does he tease you with that? (playfully of course!)
    Yes, but just so I won't feel awkward. The next day it is forgotten
    He doesn't seem to care and waits for me to continue
    Yes, he will make me laugh about my comment, and holds on to it for weeks! It's fun
    No, he just ignores it and tells me to continue in a sweet way
  • 10
    And last, but not least, does he gives you compliments?(looks, work, grades, etc.)
    Yes, about that I look good, or that I am smart
    Yes, about my grades, if it's a good grade
    Not really compliment me, just the class in its whole
    No, he doesn't compliment at all

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