Does Your Crush Like You Back? (Middle School Girls Only)

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  • 1
    How much do you like him?
    Not at all (why are you taking this quiz?)
    A little
    I like him, but...
    Yeah, I like him a lot
    I'm head over heels
  • 2
    Do you think he likes you? (Instincts)
    Idk, he doesn't know me
    He shows mixed signals
    Yes, he seems really attracted
  • 3
    How often do you talk?
    He ignores me / We never talk
    We only talk for a group project
    We say "hi" every now and then
    We talk at least once every day
    We talk 24/7 / We talk a lot
  • 4
    Who initiates the conversations?
    We don't talk / Only me, he doesn't want to talk
    Mostly me, but him once in a while
    50/50, but he starts them a bit more often
    Always him
  • 5
    What are your conversations about?
    We don't talk
    School / HW / CW
    School and some casual conversations
    Gossip ( A LOT )
  • 6
    Where do you see each other?
    We rarely see each other
    After school activities
    School and After school activities
    We hangout outside of school
  • 7
    What do your friends say?
    My friends don't know him / haven't told anyone
    They say he doesn't like me
    They say he likes me a little
    They say he likes me a lot
    They say they don't know / They said maybe
  • 8
    Does he stare?
    He doesn't know me / Never
    My friends say he do / Yes, sometimes
    Once or Twice
    All the time
  • 9
    How many people have shipped you together?
    No, one
  • 10
    Does he try to make you laugh?
    Rarely / Only if he's making the whole class laugh
    Once or twice
    All the time
  • 11
    When you two talk, he...
    We don't talk
    Look away / Ignore you
    Looks at you face (Not keeping eye contact) / Seems distracted
    Keeps eye contact
    Looks into your eyes and smiles
  • 12
    Does he ever compliment / encourage / comfort you?
  • 13
    Does he tease you?
    We don't talk
    Yes, and it is hurtful
    Yes, but playfully / Only if your laughing
    Rarely but yes
  • 14
    Does he help you when you need it?
    Only if I ask
    Sometimes ( He makes the move )
    He would be happy to help / all the time ( He makes the move)
    He would always help me, but I have to ask him
  • 15
    How long have you known him for?
    Just met ( within a few days )
    A few weeks / a month
    A few months / half a year
    A Year or two
    We've known each other forever / >3 years

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