Does he like you?(Elementary and Middle School Quiz)

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    Are you friends?
    We know each other just not personally.
    Yeah I guess.
    He has no clue who I am.
    Yeah we are super close!
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    When you talk to each other what is his body language?
    When you talk to each other what is his body language?
    He is listening just not really putting effort into the conversation.
    He looks at me and shows and iffy amount of interest.
    He looks in my eyes and is deep in the conversation.
    He ignores me when talking and walks away because he doesn't know me!:(
  • 3
    Do his friends like you?
    You could say yes since I am in the background of their group.
    Yeah we are all good friends!
    No, they hate me I think because they don't know who I am!
    Kinda if we are on assigned groups they are nice.
  • 4
    Do your friends think he likes you?
    They think he is probably starting to.
    They think he hates me since he has no clue who I am or acts like it.
    Their not sure since we don't hang out a lot.
    Yes, they are always teasing me about it!
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    Has he ever initiated contact with you?
    Yeah we have held hands and other stuff.
    A few times he was willing to if he had to.
    One time when we were forced to.
    No, he thinks I have Ebola since he doesn't know me.
  • 6
    Does he ever tease you?
    Yeah only to make me laugh playfully.
    Mhmmm it really hurt my feelings!:(
    Yeah to be cool to his friends.
    Yeah once in awhile he does.
  • 7
    Does he ever make you feel more special than other girls?
    50/50 some days he treats me nice but other days he is all over the girls.
    Nope he basically ignores me and talks to other girls.
    Not really he talks to every girl.
    Yes, he talks to me most of the time and does me favors!;)
  • 8
    How much a day do you think you guys talk?
    Like all day. We only don't talk when we are sleeping.
    Probably like half the school day.
    Like 10 minutes of the day.
    0 MINUTES!:(:(:(:(
  • 9
    What do you talk to him about?
    Only things that I wouldn't care if everybody knew.
    School stuff.
    Anything we can trust each other with everything!
  • 10
    (This does mother effect your score) Do you think he likes you from a scale of 1-4? 4 being in love!

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Skye ( 38048 )
Posted 54 days ago
I asked him out and he said yes but on #⃣ 3⃣ his friend thinks I'm a slut so we never talk
RandomGeek:) ( 95497 )
Posted 54 days ago
I have a crush but you can't really put the boy in the corridor after English in these categorise. I hardly know him since he is one year older and have no classes together. The one time I talk to him was when I was being chased by my Bestie (as you do) and bumped against him. He was like "Watch were you are going" he made my fav book fall and said "I am so sorry I didn't" and he went.
Hmmm ( 25168 )
Posted 55 days ago
My crush totally likes me I'm basically the only girl he talks to and he's not one of those shy guys once this girl hurt me physically and my crush said he wasn't her friend anymore because she hurt me it a
Was sooooo sweet
Elizabeth ( 07226 )
Posted 61 days ago
I wish my love life was going better... my crush is leaving early for summer vacation and at the end of the day I told him I like him he looked me in the eyes put his hand on my shoulder and sayed good..... what's that supposed to mean!
cutie ( 81548 )
Posted 64 days ago
I like this one cute guy he oftenly looks at me and teases me how do I know if he is into me.#grade6
Arlene ( 22028 )
Posted 67 days ago
I asked him out today he said yessss I love ❤ him since he is my boyfriend. Now we are 😊 always together ❤ 🌹😍 we also had our first kiss ofcourse I asked him out I am 😊 obsessed of him he is soooooooo 💗en HOT 🌵
BB12 ( 72122 )
Posted 71 days ago
I have know this guy since kindergarden (now in sixth grade!), and he was in one if my school DI teams, so I got spend extra time with him! I knew it was gonna be a yess because he kissed me in kindergarden and we've been best friends ever since! And it really helps me because two of his friends are my x boyfriends so we are close friends! We hug like every day! I call him randomly and he answers!
Amber ( 93789 )
Posted 74 days ago
Yay yay yay! its says 100%! we just went on a date together!!!!! so happy!
SAVS276 ( 47372 )
Posted 75 days ago
He likes me and all my friend make fun of me lol... I'm not 100% sure but he has dropped a few hits and this i💗actly what he's done! ACCURATE QUIZ😀
Jasmine ( 13256 )
Posted 77 days ago
I have told the boy that i like him after 2-3 days we played truth and dare his friend give dare to snog me and he did it
Moon ( 59312 )
Posted 96 days ago
Awww he doesn't like me....
fidget spinner ( 56170 )
Posted 98 days ago
someonewhoisweird ( 81734 )
Posted 105 days ago
yes but he is shy about it! yay yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am gonna start dropping hints. yay donovan robberts!!! i mean, umm that is's name...... :0 nope thats him!!!!
Hihowareyou? ( 60393 )
Posted 126 days ago
Uhhh... One of my good was who my quiz was based on. I got head over heels in love. CREEPY!!!
Kalia8080 ( 00600 )
Posted 131 days ago
So I get like 89%-100% on them all and I had already told the boy I like him and he just said ok but I know he likes me we talk 24/7 and all he friends say he likes time I said luv ya😍 To him as a dare and he said aww thx me too and I started freaking out!!!
Jesse's Girl ( 03397 )
Posted 132 days ago
mine was accurate. like every 💗 test i've taken they all say the same thing. HE LIKES ME [💗 THAT 💗ES]
widad ( 89925 )
Posted 135 days ago
LOL i know he likes me, and it said he hates you
Emma Katie Sunkedy ( 09825 )
Posted 151 days ago
I took it to test it. I put in my boyfriend. It said he hated me and when I showed him he kissed me and laughed. Ha!