The WiLDHEARTS family tree quiz

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A quiz about bands associated with British rock legends the WiLDHEARTS

  • 1
    Ginger got booted out of the Quireboys before going on to form the WiLDHEARTS. Who apparently broke the news to Ginger that he had been fired from previous band?
    The Quireboys
    His Mum
    Sharon Osbourne
  • 2
    Devin Townsend played guitar briefly for the WiLDHEARTS in 1994. What country is he from?
  • 3
    UK pop punksters the Jellys featured none other than CJ Wildheart on vocals and guitar. What was their second studio album called?
    Big Trip on a Pantomime Hoarse
    Doctored For Supersound
    Welcome To Our World
    Jelly Belly
  • 4
    Which US record label released The Yo-Yos debut album Uppers and Downers?
    Fat Wreck Chords
    Sub Pop
  • 5
    Which of these bands did guitarist Jef Streatfield play in before joining the WiLDHEARTS?
    Farmer Geddon
    Anti Product
    Cat People
  • 6
    What was the stage named Ginger adopted for his "weird" side project Clam Abuse?
    Kieron Pepper
    Clint Abuse
    D. Walls
    Clam Savage
  • 7
    The final track of Ginger's debut album Valor Del Corazon was Something To Believe In. Complete the lyric: "Music will get you through...."
    "What you go to go through, before you get what you want"
    "Times of no love"
    "On the other side"
    "And hold you tight"
  • 8
    While in the Yo-Yos, Danny McCormack once deliberately urinated over which singer?
    Pete Vuckovic, from 3 Colours Red
    Davey Crockett, from the Crocketts
    Declan O'Shea, from Cyclefly
    Ross Cummins, from Symposium
  • 9
    Before joining the WiLDHEARTS, Ginger played guitar in the backing band of which legendary punk singer?
    Siouxsie Soux
    Becki Bondage
    Wendy O. Williams
    Deborah Harry
  • 10
    After leaving the WiLDHEARTS, Stidi went on play drums for Britrockers Whatever. What was their 1996 album called?
    At The Club
    Hooked On Monday
  • 11
    Toshi stood in for Danny McCormack on a handful of tour dates in 2001 - and also plays bass in Ginger's Hey! Hello! side project. But what is his surname?
  • 12
    Which Willie Dowling band's back catalogue includes the albums Gramophone Logic and Bipolar Diversions?
    Cat People
  • 13
    A previously unreleased Ginger track called Motorvate appeared on an Infernal Records compilation in 1999. What was the name of the DJ who said "rock that motherfucker" at the end of the song?
    Tommy Vance
    James Whale
    Chris Moyles
    Nick Grimshaw
  • 14
    What is the name that CJ gave to his most prized guitar?
    Old Faithful
  • 15
    Supershit666 featured the talents of Ginger, Nick Royale (The Hellacopters) as well as Dregen (Backyard Babies). But which record producer played bass on their six track mini album?
    Ralph Jezzard
    Tomas Skogsberg
    Russ Russell
    Kevin Vanbergen
  • 16
    Ginger's noisecore project Mutation recorded their debut album with Welsh producer Carl Bevan. Which 90s rock band did he play drums for?
    Ruby Cruiser
    Super Furry Animals
    Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
    60 Ft Dolls
  • 17
    Mark Keds joined the WiLDHEARTS in 1995 before infamously quitting a matter of weeks later. Which indie hit would Keds be credited with co-writing around 10 years later?
    Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand
    I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor - Arctic Monkeys
    I Predict A Riot - Kaiser Chiefs
    Can't Stand Me Now - The Libertines
  • 18
    What animal appeared on the cover of Ginger Wildhearts' fourth solo album Albion?
    Bordie Collie
  • 19
    What was the name of the debut album by Sorry & The Sinatras - which featured the vocal talents of WiLDHEARTS bass player Scott Sorry?
    When We Were Kings
    Alibis and Ammunition
    The Kings of Shambles Street
    Highball Roller
  • 20
    In which UK town was CJ Wildheart born?
    Hemel Hemstead
  • 21
    Clam Abuse's song Unlucky In Love is about a woman with an unlucky vagina - whose male lovers come to unfortunate ends. How many male lovers does the woman have before she ends up "surviving" by muff diving?
  • 22
    Grand Theft Audio's song Stoopid Ass featured on the soundtrack of which Ashton Kutcher film?
    Texas Rangers
    My Boss' Daughter
    Just Married
    Dude, Where's My Car?
  • 23
    If The Main Grains are to be believed, where would they rather be than here?
    1, 000 Miles From Here
    On AA Holiday
  • 24
    What was the third release as part of Ginger's ill-fated 2001 singles club project?
    And This Time I'm Serious
    Cars and Vaginas
    Re-Inventing The Wheel
    Dying Art of The Chorus (Feat Barney from Napalm Death)
  • 25
    Ritch Battersby played in which of these bands before joining the WiLDHEARTS?
    Radio Moscow
    Hard Hats and Colostomy Bags
  • 26
    Complete the lyric from this Honeycrack song Go Away.
    "Gave me your opinion / which I've chosen to ignore /Endless contradictions....."

    "Christ you're such a mindless bore"
    "And you fuck me like a whore"
    "Yet you still come and beg for more".
    "Shit, you've done all this before"
  • 27
    The "Random" Jon Poole fronted band God Damn Whores released their debut album The Lucky 13. According to the opening track what would you NOT want to do with the "lucky 13"?
    Fuck With
    Subtract 10, minus one and then add 11
    Watch Gilmore Girls
    Go Out Drinking
  • 28
    One of the early incarnations of the Wildhearts featured Pat Walters on drums. Which of these bands did he later play in?
    Sally Gunn's Gone Gunning
    Guns N Roses
    Guns N Wankers
  • 29
    Ginger released a single every month for a year as part of the G.A.S.S. fan club. But what does G.A.S.S stand for?
    Ginger Ambitious Song Scheme
    Ginger: A Singer Songwriter
    Ginger 'Ates Steven Seagal
    Ginger Associated Secret Society

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