How to Tell if a Girl Likes You!

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    First off. Do you personally think she likes you?

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Aidan Shane hunter (08366)
She’s a nice girl she’s not to smart but I still love her we were out of school and we were close to kissing ❤️U TIANA
Connell (39665)
4 days ago
I actually think my crush likes me. Today she hugged me after school and we almost kissed. Almost. Thanks to this test, it's pretty much confirmed—LOVE YOU MAYA!—thanks anyway guys.
Jorge (37176)
11 days ago
S*** I'm in the middle
Jorge (37176)
11 days ago
I hope this works the whole feet thing I don't notice though
Vinit (30238)
13 days ago
The results show I am in the middle but I think she doesn't like me at all :( I don't know why
someone (65544)
17 days ago
i hope this works because i am so shy :l
Jaden (86660)
25 days ago
Yass the test was right, she does like him :) it's also because of the school I go to, the people who get girls are the athletes, the ones that are just hot(I'm saying this one as a girl), the drummers, singers.0, and guitarists, and I'm a drummer!
Nobody (28891)
33 days ago
Yea...IT'S LOVE! I knew it...
Anonymous (95887)
38 days ago
You dun messed up AARON. Man, you can't do that to your crush, I mean... that just messes up your chances.
Taili (79322)
39 days ago
I am a boy I have a crush called Martha and I did a bad thing by having pics of her the next day her friends told her and she blocked me on Instagram and to this day still hasn't I have made her smile by giving her book back after someone else took it and a few days ago she waved at me through our school library window but I don't really know if she likes me and we rarely talk
Ariana (92678)
40 days ago
I am a girl and I took this test and the results are corrects.
The results said "You're in the middle. She kinda likes you. Try to just be her friend and act funny around her."
Literally, I do kind of like my crush
Yes I am only in middle school.
Now I wonder I the boy will take this test.
54 days ago
Ben is single (24662)
60 days ago
I got a yes!! My crush is SOOO hot and probs doing the same thing right now. I love u Lily!
Jon (07959)
63 days ago
Jk I don’t have one
Jon (07959)
63 days ago
I Love my crush so much! Her name is Sophia! She is so fricken hot and she is also sexy
i really love my crush (86879)
66 days ago
i really love my crush
Zeke (96830)
74 days ago
Theres a 75% chance she likes me and a 35% that she doesn't the test said she likes me but i dunno shes so cute and hot
Kay (52215)
91 days ago
Well, if my crush takes this test I'm doomed.. Anyways for all the guys out there I know girls can be hard to understand (As one I know) So I'm offering some advice if needed,
Pepe da frog (91322)
135 days ago
yessss i took like 10 quizes and all o dem show she likes meh and were goin out on sat

isabella b. (64763)
265 days ago
i took this to see how obvouse i am too.