What type of future operative are you?

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In the future, war is business. Will you be a stealthy assassin, or a guns blazing maniac?

  • 1
    Let's start with something simple. What sort of tactical gear do you wear?
    Prototype liquid armour
    Medium weight tactical vest
    Heavy steel plate armour
    Chameleon class colour changing gillie suit
    Lightweight Carbon-Kevlar jumpsuit
  • 2
    What is your primary weapon?
    Folding assault rifle
    Kinetic long rifle
    Kinetic blast shotgun
    Silenced machine pistol
    Heavy machine gun
  • 3
    Now for some attachments
    Incendiary rounds
    Grenade launcher
    Precision red dot sight
    Infrared scope
  • 4
    Secondary Weapon?
    Throwing knife
    Expanding foam pellet gun
    Burst pistol
    Sub-machine gun
    Rocket launcher
  • 5
    What will be your 1st piece of equipment?
    Smoke grenade
    Frag grenade
    Concussive shock mine
    Camera spike
  • 6
    And your 2nd piece?
    Net gun
    Spotter drone
    Tazer gauntlet
    Liquid explosive lacing blade
  • 7
    Your 1st piece of tactical gear?
    Adrenalin injector
    Magnetic gloves
    Bubble shield
    Active camo
    Expanding riot shield
  • 8
    Your second piece of tactical gear
    Rocket turret
    Health pack
    Grappling gauntlet
    Fracture grenade
  • 9
    All future operatives have a biological augmentation...
    Reinforced body structure
    Self-repairing bloodstream
    Ultra-fast metabolism
    Heat vision
    Neurologically morphed pigmentation
  • 10
    ...and a technological augmentation
    Reinforced spine and vertebra for durability
    Inbuilt steel exo-skeleton for survivability
    Enhanced foot motors for mobility and agility
    Sub-machine guns ingrained in the fore-arms for hidden attack
    Camera inserted in eye for sight
  • 11
    What drone do you fight with?
    Sniper drone
    Tagging drone
    Explosive drone
    Attack drone
    Surveillance drone
  • 12
    And finally, what company do you fight for?
    None, I am a mercenary
    Liang Industries
    Cerberus Inc
    Diablo Royale
    Future tech

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