What is your most prominent trait?

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Ever wondered what your most prominent trait is? I will warn you, I am no psychologist. This was done for fun, based on my judgement, not on scientific research

  • 1
    A beggar asks for money in the street. What do you do?
    Refuse, he could be a conman!
    Walk off
    Give him the money - he's suffered enough!
    Pretend you have none
    Ask him why he needs the money
  • 2
    An enemy of yours demands a duel. What do you do?
    Accept, and ambush him on his way to the duel
    Accept, and fight honourably
    Refuse, and seek a peaceful solution
    Analyse the situation, then decide
    Leave the area
  • 3
    A stranger is being assaulted - what do you do?
    Decide whether criminal can be reasoned with or not, then act accordingly
    Join the winning side
    Help the victim
    Break up the fight, and reason with the criminal
  • 4
    You need to break the news of a death. How do you do it?
    Don't break it
    Break it in the way most beneficial to you
    In the nicest way
    Say in the subtlest way
    Break it directly
  • 5
    You are negotiating a deal. How do you do it?
    In a reasonable way
    In the easiest way
    In a subtle and deceptive way
    In the most appeasing way
    Dependent on your relationship with your partner at the table
  • 6
    You are being given a reward. How do you react?
    Dependent on the reward
    In a thankful manner
    In a pleased manner
    In a manner that would persuade the award giver to give you more
    In a smug manner
  • 7
    You are fighting your opponent. How do you end the fight?
    Negotiating a peaceful agreement
    Directly fighting until you bring your opponent to their knees
    Judging how likely you are to win and act accordingly
    Striking where your opponent is weakest
  • 8
    You need climb a steep slope. How?
    Not at all
    Directly ascending the slope
    Ascending carefully
    Going around the other side
    Looking for the easiest way up
  • 9
    Your friend is about to fall of a cliff edge. What do you do?
    Retrieve them if it doesn't endanger you
    Call out to them
    Nothing. Flee before you fall!
    Help them away from the edge
    Retrieve them no matter what
  • 10
    You haven't done a task set for you at work/school. What is your excuse?
    Decide what the most convincing excuse is
    Do it very quickly
    Admit you haven't done it
    Admit you haven't done it
    Say you have left it, and promise to bring it in tomorrow
  • 11
    You are hungry. You promised you'd buy your friend a gift, but you only have enough money for a gift. What do you do?
    Buy the gift, eat when you get home
    See if you can get a cheaper gift, and buy a cheap snack
    Buy the food, forget the gift
    Look to see if there are any cheaper good gifts
    Buy the gift, go hungry
  • 12
    You need money quick. How do you get it?
    Get a job
    You see where money can be made easiest
    You work in a communally beneficial job
    Again, get a job
    Beg of parents
  • 13
    You have a million pounds. What do you spend it on?
    Save it
    Lots of holidays, food and parties
    Spend what you need, when you need to
  • 14
    If you became a leader, how would you do it?
    Through other people's work
    Through a revolution
    Through deception and treachery
    Through election
    Through an honest election

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