Are you in love with your best guy friend?

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Are you?

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    First off do you think you are in love with him?
    Probably, I catch myself looking at him a lot
    I don't know that's why I'm taking this quiz
    Um no hes like my brother
  • 2
    Have you to ever made physical contact?
    We don't ever touch except when I'm sad and I need a hug.
    YES! we hug all the time
    We occasionally hug but not often
    Not really, we bump into each other though
  • 3
    How close do you two walk together?
    We like to keep a little distance
    Depends sometimes we can get really close other times we don't
    Depends on the day.
    So close our arms are always touching
  • 4
    If you got the chance would you kiss him?
    Maybe probably not though
    Yup I would def do that/ we already have kissed
    Nope nope and NOPE
    Probably I don't know though
  • 5
    Do you have dreams about him?
    Not really ever
    I guess but not often
  • 6
    Do you catch yourself getting red and hot when you see him?
    Not really but I guess maybe sometimes
    Not really, we're best friends and we're pretty chill
    Nope we are like siblings, unless i'm embarrassed then no
    Um hell yeah all the time even though we're friends
  • 7
    Does he make you laugh?
    He's my brother of course I laugh at his dumb ass jokes
    A lot but not everything makes me laugh
    Um yeah he's super funny (even when he tells the worst jokes)
    I'm pretty hard to crack but he can make me laugh sometimes
  • 8
    Do you two make eye contact when you talk?
    Most of the time but my/his eyes usually flicker away
    Yes, all the time, his eyes are so pretty
    I guess sometimes but then it gets super awkward
    Yes, but hes my bro so we always make eye contact
  • 9
    Do you get jealous when you see him with other girls?
    I guess a lot but I mean he's gonna have other friends
    Not really he has friends he can hangout with them
    Why should I?
  • 10
    Does your stomach flip even though you see him a lot?
    Almost never
    Yes, but not every time
  • 11
    How many times a week do you see him?
    Just in school and right after school.
    We hangout almost every day, it's lit
    In school and outside of school 5 days a week
    We hangout sometimes but he goes to a different school
  • 12
    Do you find yourself missing him?
    Yes, I miss him right now
    siblings always miss each other
    A lot of the time but surprisingly not right now but now that you mention it....
  • 13
    Quick pick a letter
  • 14
    Has he seen you cry?
    Never ever
    Every time I cry, he's my shoulder to cry on
    Yes, all the time, I go to him for practically everything
    Once or twice I keep that side hidden from most people
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Eliza ( 92231 )
Posted 129 days ago
Yesterday in social studies when we were watching a short video about the civil war I sat next to braydon and I had to stretch just to put my arm around braydon's back and our friends were laughing at me and braydon just because I put my arm around braydon's back.
Person ( 41492 )
Posted 146 days ago
It just so happens that when it said pick a letter, my best guy friends name starts with a J and mine starts with a M.