What horse breed are you?

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  • 1
    What would you like to do best?
    Hunter Jumper
    I like to race
    Show jumping
    Pleasure riding
    Barrel racing
  • 2
    What color do you like?
    I don't care
    Dark colors like black and dark grey
    Every color
    Light colors like white and light grey
  • 3
    Pretend you are a horse and your owner wants you to jump over something you can't do. What will you do?
    I will stop immediately because you know you and your owner can get hurt
    Turn around
    Go crazy
    Go for it I always want to make my owner proud
    Go around it
  • 4
    If you were in your stall and a stranger came up to pet you or ride you while your owner was gone. What would you do?
    Calmly let them pet you but if they try to direction away after they open the stall gate
    Let them open the gate and run out kicking them in the face
    Do nothing
    Bite them
    Go crazy like kick and neigh
  • 5
    What horse would you like to be?
    Quarter Horse
    Tennessee Walking Horse
  • 6
    If your owner kicked you for no reason. What would you do?
    Buck the owner off
    Put ears back and neigh but keep going
    Stop and bite your owner in the leg
    I would stop and think what I have done
    Keep going and know I did something wrong
  • 7
    What is your personality?
    Kind, sweet, calm
    Shy, scared easily
    My personality is not up there
    Outgoing, social
    Wild, rebel
  • 8
    If you are hungry and your owner feeds you grass, instead of hay or grain what would you do?
    Neigh and bite the bucket
    Kick the food bucket
    Bite my owner
    Doesn't eat
    Eats the grass reluctantly
  • 9
    If you had a choice of saving your owner from a wild fire or save yourself. What would you do?

    Nobody I will die with my owner
    My owner
    Can't choose
    My owner and I
  • 10
    If you are a mother and your baby is being tortured. What would you do?
    Can't break free but wants to save my baby
    Do nothing
    Run to my baby and get tortured with him/her
    Run and break the lead line for my baby to run away with me.
    Run to him and bite the people who are torturing him/her
  • 11
    If you were hurt at a show and your owner doesn't know and goes to a jumping course what would you do?
    Go through the pain
    Lay down and stay their
    Kick the wall a my owner then stops me and I neigh so she doesn't use me on the jumping course
    Bite my owner
    Neigh and lift my leg up
  • 12
    Pretend you are the owner of a horse named Moon. She is giving birth and she needs help. What would you do?
    Call a vet
    Go full in and help her give birth
    Calm her down till the vet gets there
    Do nothing
    Calm her down and let her just go through it
  • 13
    Last question if you are learning something new and you are on a time limit to learn it what would you do?
    Yell at a person
    Get mad
    Be stressed
    Do nothing
    Calmly learn it

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