Does he like me (for teenage girls)

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Is there that one boy that keeps giving mixed signals and you have no clue if they actually like you or not? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    Okay, honestly, do you think he likes you?
    I think so
    I'm not 100% sure, that's why I'm taking this quiz
    I don't think so
  • 2
    Does he tease you?
    Yeah but we both know it's" banter"
    We don't talk ...
    Nope, he's always nice to me
    We throw things at each other all the time
    Yes, all the time and it's so horrible
  • 3
    How often do you talk?
    A few times a day
    Only about homework
    All the time
    We don't
  • 4
    Does he look at you?
    I don't know
    Yes, a lot
    My friends say he does but I haven't seen him
  • 5
    Does he compliment you?
    Yeah but he compliments everyone
    Nope, he compliments my friends though
    Yeah, it's really cute
    No, he's a bit shy though
    A bit
  • 6
    What do his friends do when you see them?
    They nudge him
    They smile at me
    They start laughing
    They look at him and start saying things but I don't know what
  • 7
    When you talk to him (if you do), what does he do?
    We don't talk ;(
    He goes really red and gets awkward
    He seems fine and acts like he does around everyone else
    He avoids me
    He looks off into the distance and doesn't pay attention to me
  • 8
    Do you ever hear him say your name loudly when he talks to other people?
    Once or twice
    Yes, actually
    No, wth? XD
    He says my name just not loudly
    He doesn't know I exist
  • 9
    Does he talk to your friends?
    He doesn't know who I am, let alone know who my friends are?
    I don't think so
    A lil' bit
    All the time
    Yeah but he seems to flirt with one of them ;(
  • 10
    Honestly, do you like him?
    Yeah but I haven't told anyone
    A bit
    Yeah and he knows
    I don't actually know

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Jesse's Girl (03397)
223 days ago
katie don't be such a 💗. she is trying her best. i think its acuurate because every test i've takin like this is always the same. he always likes me. so go 💗, because i loved this test.
katie (60855)
243 days ago
Its a cool test but probably not accurate so ya thanks for making this test