Are you Vindictive?

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  • 1
    You catch your significant other cheating on you. What would you do?
    Slash their tires.
    Move on
  • 2

    Your friend makes fun of you in a large group. What do you do?
    Say something nasty about your friend to the group.
    Run to the bathroom and cry.
    Laugh it off.
  • 3
    Your co-worker just told your boss something that you didn't want them to know. How do you react?
    Cry because you are too upset to do anything else.
    Frame the co-worker so they get fired!
    Confront the co-worker and let them know that you don't appreciate what they did.
  • 4
    Your significant other decides to go somewhere without inviting or telling you and you find out. How do you react?
    You call and confront them and ask why they left you out. After all, maybe it was just a mistake.
    Curl up in a ball and cry.
    Show up to the place they are at with someone they despise.
  • 5

    Your friend starts dating the person you have liked for a while! What's your next move?
    Although you're upset about it, you don't show it. You save the crying for later.
    Move on, it wasn't meant to be and it isn't worth losing a friend.
    You immediately think of ways to ruin their relationship.
  • 6

    You find out from one of your friends, that your other friend said something mean about you behind your back. How do you handle it?
    Confront your friend and ask why they said it. Talk it out.
    Cry about it and bottle it.
    Spread a rumor about your back stabbing friend.
  • 7
    Your roommate eats your leftover food without asking. You....
    Shrug it off. It's roommate life.
    Tell your roommate that you would appreciate them asking before they eat your food.
    Spit in their leftover food.
  • 8
    Your significant other seems to be flirting with the person behind the bar. You handle the situation by...
    Find the hottest person in the bar and ask them for a close and personal dance.
    Crying right then and there.
    Nothing because you are secure in your relationship.
  • 9
    Your friend spills a drink on you. What's your reaction?
    Laugh it off and understand that it was an accident.
    Turn really red and run to the bathroom.
    Dump your entire drink over their head.
  • 10
    Someone breaks into your car to steal it. You catch them in the middle of the act. What do you do next?
    You let them steal your car. You're too scared to move.
    You beat the crap out of the person and steal their wallet.
    You call the cops and report everything you saw.

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