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Anonymous (78435)
9 days ago
Please estimate when my period will come!
Weight=95 pounds
Breasts are round. Wear a bra every day usually a 34 A
ALOT of discharge
Every day pretty much and sometimes wear a panty liner
Spotted once
Pretty long blonde hairs on the underarms(I am a blonde) and a lot of dark hair down there but it’s not completely covered. My leg answer arm hair is also pretty long.
Also have food cravings
Dk when my mum got her period and am too embarrassed to ask!
Please help
Ella (67190)
17 days ago
Kantis, I would estimate you would get your period in a year and a half. Just be cause you usually have to weigh 100 pounds (I weigh 102 btw)
And you aren’t very far along with your breasts. And the pubic hair. If you want ur period what always helps me not to want it is that once u get it it’s never going to stop till u get a lot older. And that u never have to worry about ur time of the month. And that u can swim without worrying and u don’t constantly have to use the bathroom. And that u don’t get cramps. So hope this helps :)
Ella (67190)
17 days ago
Oh and also I hit a hugeeee growth spurt I grew 4 inches since August. And it’s February. And my hips started to get very wide in August as well. And I have been being more attracted to boys since the summer. And since summer I have just been wanting to be alone instead of with ppl. And every seems rly rly rly annoying lately. And that’s all please estimate bye
Ella (67190)
17 days ago
Please someone estimate me I want my period a little all my friends have it my doctors have been saying since beginning of summer I’m gonna get my period any day now.
I’m 13.
Size 34 B bra
Lotssssss of pubic hair (hair down there)
I have to shave my armpits every other day
I have to shave my legs everyday (there like a teenage boys)
I have lots and lots of discharge
Been having discharge for a year maybe more.
I have food cravings for burgers, chocolate, soda and hot Cheetos.
I have had a few cramps here and there for a month.
My mom got hers when she was 15. But my grandmoms got there’s around my age. Same with my aunt.
I’m rly tired lately.
And very moody I cried last nite cuz my friend got her first period. And I also cried be cuz... well idk why.
And that’s all please estimate me. And I can estimate u guys as well let me know thanksssss :)
none (79723)
26 days ago
2-5 MONTHS WOWWWWWWWWWWW I'm scared actually I'm happy actually I'm excited
Kantis (71814)
29 days ago
Please estimate, asap I beg.
88 pound (40kg)
18 months behind when mom got hers
Medium discharge (NO SPOTTING AT ALL)
Chest is bidding for nearly 2 years now and hasn't grown any bigger.
Sometimes chest hurts at most twice a month.
Fine tiny amount of very blonde under arm hair.
1/3 full pubic hair, dark dark brown.
Annonomous (68712)
34 days ago
Really want my period
anna (06515)
35 days ago
age: 14
weight: 90
height: 5'3
Down there: alot. been growing for a while like over a yeah
up there: been growing for only a couple months. maybe just past stage one
should I be worried that literally everything is all weird timing wise?
To kat (73104)
37 days ago
I am also 13 and 80ish pounds to a forest down yep and spoting I get curving sand moody my mom was also 12 and I am probably 2-6 months I think from getting it and I think the same for you
Kat (94558)
55 days ago
I also have no spotting
Please estimate
Kat (94558)
55 days ago
Please can someone estimate when I will get it?
13 years old
80 lbs
Mom started at 12
Loads of discharge (once I was wearing a pad and my discharge wasn't all absorbed and some leaked through
Hight "5.1"
Pubic hair is dark curly and looks like a forest
I also have armpit and leg hair which I have to shave
My bra size is 30B but it is very small so I am probably a C
Quiz says 2-5 months

I would be very grateful if someone could estimate when I will get it as my mom thinks I am very far away but I don't think she is right.
The one (00063)
75 days ago
Today I got my period. I am so happy. I have been taking quizzes for months watching the days creep closer. Honestlh I do not know whats so bad about it. My period stains my undies but doesn't lsak through.
Elaina (42986)
84 days ago
Stage: 3
Size: 32A
Discharge: I've had it for 3 months normal amount everyday and I wear liners
Hight: 5,2 ft
Weight: 105 lbs
Legs: light but A LOT I shave every week
Down there: dark , coarse, cover most of area, been growing for a year
Age mom got it: 11
Age moms mom got it: 11
Please telll me Thnks!!!
Elena (42986)
84 days ago
2-5 months exited! Nice quiz
Anonymous (89136)
84 days ago
Any day now. kind of worried?
Georgina (91216)
90 days ago
I’ve been getting cramps,no cravings,spotting but kinda heavy spotting. Is that normal?
My ❤️ are 34a and I’m only 11
I’m scared!
heloo (72668)
93 days ago
gabby its really normal
Sophia ancona (37701)
124 days ago
Omg 😱 2-5 months!!!!!!
gabby (06074)
149 days ago
I have been having cramps for 3 months now and no period is there something wrong or is this normal???
Mal (96319)
166 days ago
Omg I'm so excited I have 2-5 months